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Nitty Gritty - what's going wrong?

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MaximumVolume Sun 15-Nov-15 20:23:48

We've been battling licence on and off for about a month & blaming re-infection from school (got clear over half-term), but now I am sure that the nitty gritty is passing over at least some (most) of the eggs in my very wriggly 3yo's hair.

He's white-blonde so they're easy to spot, we're slathering with Boots' own tea tree conditioner before combing, but the teeth literally pass over and leave the egg in place 80% of the first pass.

Tonight we resorted to pulling out the eggs with tweezers, but it's hard and poor DS's patience ran out so there's bound to be a sneaky one remaining! No crawlers found.


Skullyton Mon 16-Nov-15 11:20:38

do they get rid of eggs?

I know they always get the louse, even the tiny ones.. its why you really have to comb every 2-3 days if you're just using a comb, so get the babies as they hatch and prevent them maturing enough to lay more eggs.

MaximumVolume Mon 16-Nov-15 12:58:58

Well, maybe I'm wrong in thinking they do. Everyone on here seems to think they do on other threads...that's why I bought it!

Shootingstar2289 Mon 16-Nov-15 17:12:04

When my son caught lice, I combed every day for two weeks. Was a pain but did the trick.. I found the comb worked well removing the eggs too though?

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