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endometriosis after birth

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Ladypug Fri 13-Nov-15 01:57:57

Hi all, gave birth a week ago, suffer from recto endometriosis but haven't had pain in years as take the contraceptive pill back to back with no periods. During pregnancy no problem at all. However now suffering from extreme endo pain, constant shooting rectal pains and agony to go toilet. This isn't supposed to happen if breastfeeding. I could just go back on pill but don't think it's possible whilst breast feeding. Has anyone else had endo return this fast? Not sure if it's related to the post birth lochia and bleeding so might calm down? Any experience or advice welcome on managing the pain or solutions!

pootypootwell Fri 13-Nov-15 02:53:09

I'm afraid I can't advise much on the endometriosis side of things, but I do know that whilst breastfeeding you can take progestin only contraception, such as the mini pill, if that helps? Also bumping this for you so that hopefully someone more knowledgeable will see it.

Ladypug Fri 13-Nov-15 04:09:41

Thanks pooty

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