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leg feels bruised but no bruise...nearly 4 weeks...

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queenrollo Thu 12-Nov-15 21:16:22

It's been like this since 14th October so I've got a GP appt next week.

It's my thigh about two inches above my knee. We were travelling on holiday so I assumed in the rush with suitcases/toddler that I'd banged it on a train arm rest or something. Was so tender that I struggled to have DS sat on my leg. I fully expected a deep bruise to come up but it didn't. I've waited for it to settle down but it hasn't. It's not as tender at the original point but has spread outwards across my thigh instead.

I've also been having dreadful joint pains, elbows and hands mainly. And my rotator cuff problems in both shoulders flared up and though usually settle back to normal in a wekk, i'm still being woken in the night by residual pain.

I'm only 40. I feel like i'm falling apart.

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amarmai Thu 12-Nov-15 23:51:34

hope you are going to get all of this checked out properly.op. Please take better care of yourself as your quality of life will improve and your toddler needs you to be fit too.

zipzap Fri 13-Nov-15 00:05:42

If you were travelling there's no chance it could be a DVT is there?

That can feel like a bruise and don't have to have the visible symptoms of a dvt that are more well known (heat, swollen leg, etc) (speaks from the voice of bitter experience!)

Mine was after I gave birth, by the back of my knee but they were concerned about it growing and being in my thigh. Might be worth ringing the doctor and checking if you can get it checked sooner if there is any chance it could be a dvt as they need to get you onto warfarin or similar asap.

Hope it's not though and that it's something that clears up soon without any pain!

queenrollo Fri 13-Nov-15 06:56:40

DVT crossed my mind but I didn't/don't have any swelling or redness so I'd discounted it. hmmm
I was sat on a train for 2 hours, and then again for 6 hours with only a 2 hour gap walking around.(same journey in reverse 4 days after)

I'm going to drop into my surgery later (i drive past it on nursery run) and see if I can get seen sooner than Monday.

armamai I've been without a proper kitchen for nearly 3 months now due to renovation not going to plan and have not been feeling great, but i put down to a combination of stress and our diet changing quite dramatically during that time. Kitchen is due to be finished today!
The shoulder issue has made it much harder to look after little one, but is never usually this bad or for this long. My hands have always played up this time of year, damage from 10 years as a florist on markets. But my left hand is much more painful. Usually eases as the day goes on, but is stiff and achy all day at the moment.
I know I need to take better care of myself. This all happening at once has been a bit of a wake up call.

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queenrollo Fri 13-Nov-15 11:40:34

probably a deep muscle bruise/damage. Taking it's time to heal because of active life with a toddler!

Shoulders have good range of movement, but he's advised I pick up with my osteopath again and look into an exericse regime tailored to strengthening them up. Long term I might need steroid injections but I can put that off by looking after myself.
Hand.....change in weather aggravating them. The circulation is not great. He suggested massage, addressing diet and speaking to my medical herbalist to get on top of it. If still bad in a couple of months then to go back and we'll see what investigations to move forward with.

I can relax now and enjoy the weekend!

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vanessahooosa Mon 14-Oct-19 07:16:34

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