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first period after CS. Or was it?

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bonzo77 Tue 10-Nov-15 21:39:47

I had a CS 10 weeks ago and am formula feeding, have done since day 1. Since then I've had an episode of very obviously EWCM and then last week (2 weeks ish after the EWCM) I had my period. Or was it? It was so light and short. 3 days of very light bleeding, mostly brown blood, no tampax needed, just a normal pantyliner. There was a little cramping. This was my 3rd CS. After my others my period never actually returned naturally, I went back on the pill after and few weeks, and only got an actual period once I'd stopped the pill in order to TTC.

so do you thing this was my period, or some random light bleeding? I would be very surprised if it were implantation bleeding, because I haven't had it before, we've dtd but pulled out and used a condom, and we took a long time to get pregnant in the past. Oh, and I don't feel pregnant (I would I suppose be 3 weeks after ovulation, 5 weeks pregnant, by which time I've always had very sore boobs and nausea in my previous pregnancies). Shit, I need to do an HPT, don't I?!

WtfWasThis Wed 11-Nov-15 01:20:47

If it helps, my first period after CS was light too. First few were lighter than normal actually with a shorter cycle, then they gradually became more like before.

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