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Ear Infection...

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OneOfTheGrundys Tue 10-Nov-15 15:40:10

I've had this since weekend before last. Off work since Friday. Tried to go in this morning and had to come home after about 30mins, I felt so ill.

Long standing problems with too much wax and it's developed into a middle ear infection. One side's totally blocked and tinitussy and I think it's ruptured now. Was in agony Sunday but not really in pain now.

I went to OOH on Saturday when clearly the antibiotic ear drops weren't working. Was prescribed Amoxycillin. As of this morning when I started running a temperature I'm on Augmentin (co amoxiclav).

Have to go back tomorrow to GP to see how they're working as they're worried about a potential bone infection.

DM's gone to collect the DCs for me.

Don't know why I'm posting. Just for ear experiences really I guess. I honestly never knew how painful and complicated an ear infection could be.

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