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Abnormal bleeding

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tessie31082 Fri 06-Nov-15 23:22:42

Hi, I'm on a combined pill which I've been back on for 5 months (on my 6th pack). The 5th and 6th pack I've taken continuously however, 4 pills from the end of pack 5 I started my period. Very painful and passed a 4cm piece of presumably lining on day 4 (sorry - gross) after that felt much better and as a 5-6 day bleeder thought it would be over (I still continued to take next pack of pills). However, I'm now day 14 and although hardly bleeding I am still passing a small amount of blood but am still getting some sort of cramping and pelvic pain! In the past I've had a large fibroid removed and at a 6 month check up was told I had another 1cm one growing (that was 2 years ago) I also suffer with external piles, however the bleeding JD coming from vagina rather than rectum. Anyone else experienced this before - I know I should go to docs but have to ring daily to get same day appt. and by the time I can ring they are always booked for the times suitable for me!?

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