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Heavy period 8 days!

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kissmelittleass Thu 05-Nov-15 22:02:17

Started my period last wednesday after going 6 weeks since my last period and its hell. Not showing any sign of stopping its really heavy with biggish clots every now and then, when I go for a wee its like a bloodbath tmi sorry! Usually my periods would last about 3-5 days and would only be heavy for the first day, getting through alot of pads than usual and have to change during night as soaked through. Has even came through on clothes when sitting twice this week, my periods have been normal every 26-30 days over the last year but prior to that they were scatty for a while coming every 2 weeks then every 6 weeks and then all went back to normal till now. My iron levels were 11.9 a few months back and am worried this blood loss affect it. Just fed up would be nice to know this has happened to other people and it stopped eventually!! Just turned 47 if that helps so realise it might be the dreaded menopause knocking on the door!!

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