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Minor injuries route fail. What do I do now? A&E?

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missingthemountains Wed 04-Nov-15 17:42:25

Following some rather arduous walking challenges I've developed a painful foot which has gradually got worse over the month to the point where I can no longer weight bear on it. The Physio thinks it may be a stress fracture and certainly the symptoms seem to fit. As its clearly not a recent accident nor an emergency I thought I'd do the proper thing and NOT go via A&E. So I got an X-ray referral form off my GP and went to the hospital today. They took an X-ray and then said they'd send results to my GP in about ten days!

I asked what I was supposed to do as I can't walk on it and they said it's not their problem and I had to go back to GP. They did say no fracture obvious on the X-ray but I understand this is often the case with stress fractures.

Fortunately we have some crutches at home anyway so at least I'm a boy mobile but what should I do next? If I wait to see GP in s week she'll have to refer me to someone at the hospital and getting an outpatient appt via GP can take weeks! Meanwhile nothing is being done to actually treat the problem.

I am reluctant to misuse the system and go through A&E but it seems the only way to get the foot properly evaluated by orthopaedics in a reasonable timescale.

Any advice/suggestions?

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 04-Nov-15 17:53:16

It will have to be A&E with those timescales, you run the risk of any fracture healing badly if left too long. Try and pick a quiet time, not at night or at the weekend. Mid-morning week days better.

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