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What now?

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MummaV Wed 04-Nov-15 16:00:06

I went to the GP today and was seen by a locum as my doctor is sick. I have left feeling really annoyed and worried and don't really know where to go from here.

I went with 3 issues.

1. I keep fainting/nearly fainting. Hot flushes, then dizziness, then eyesight and hearing goes, and I either faint or pull myself back from it.
2. I have 2 moles close to each other that have changed significantly in the last few weeks. One has raised where it used to be flat and the other had changed shape and colour.
3. I needed more contraceptive pills as last time I was only given 3 months worth.

So the diagnosis was:
1. Who knows, low blood pressure, anaemia. Going to take bloods next week. My blood pressure was normal. I am.Not dehydrated etc.
2. She went between referring me to a dermatologist and not at least 3 times before saying 'well it's probably nothing to worry about, come back in 3 months if it's changed again'.
3. Has given me a generic brand to the usual brand I have despite me saying that I can only have one brand as after trying lots of others this is the only one I get on with.

So what do I do now? Obviously I will have bloods done next week but I have a 6 month old dd I'm alone with 80% of the time and am at risk of fainting and possibly dropping her or endangering her with no known reason and no sense of urgency.
With regards to the mole her hesitation has concerned me, if she had enough doubt to want to refer me surely she should have rather than tell me to watch it for another couple of months. Surely if it is a melanoma or similar it's best to catch it early?
The pill, now I'm going to have to sit in the family planning clinic for hours on end (walk in only) to get my brand of pill because they won't prescribe any others for another 3 months.

I am so frustrated and this has turned into a rant. Sorry. Any advice on the fainting/mole issues?

Indiechic Wed 04-Nov-15 16:05:44

Awful! The only thing I can say, is that I was referred to a dermatologist at the hospital immediately and was seen two weeks later. Please get another gp appointment made today for a referral.

AshleyWilkes Wed 04-Nov-15 16:08:30

Re the first two issues (especially the mole) I think you should totally go back and see a different doctor (annoying I know).

Those responses would not have satisfied me either. Push for a different GP and make it clear you're not satisfied and you feel a bit frustrated.

This is your body, not the person's who was working in the surgery today. If it was her issue you can be sure that she would push to get it resolved, so you need to as well.

Hope you can get back to the surgery and get some answers, once you've had some blood tests etc done.

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