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Retinal tear

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JaceLancs Sun 01-Nov-15 20:11:16

I had an eye test recently and am being referred to hospital as retina on one eye is starting to detach apparently
I was also told my prescription had changed slightly - and am getting to stage where I might consider varifocals
However I am loathe to spend £300-500 I don't have if they may not last long
Does anyone know if I need surgery for the tear will it alter my vision and thus prescription?

GiddyOnZackHunt Sun 01-Nov-15 23:52:17

My dad has had a retinal tear recently. He had it treated with a laser initially which was OK. The consultant wasn't 100% happy with the repair so he had the freezing thing done too which is a bit less fun. However there's been no mention of a new prescription.
Hope you get sorted out. FWIW my dad had one a decade ago which hasn't recurred. This was the other eye. So try not to worry.

TheFuzz Mon 02-Nov-15 01:09:08

Wait before getting glasses. You need the tear treating and fixing as you could go blind if not treated.

It can be part of old age as well as the fluid in the eye gets more gell like and can pull the retina away. Wait for medical advice first. Your prescription may change

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