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misdee Fri 14-May-04 23:02:41

anyone got a child with reflux. after 20months of me telling the gp's something isnt right with dd2 as she vomits a lot, they have decided she may have a reflux. they have given us infant gaviscon to try, but how am i meant to get her to take it? she wont let me get it in her mouth, she blows raspberries at it, she is usually great at taking meds, but this time, she took a tiny bit and refused the rest, it must taste horrible. it says on the pack that if she is bottle fed (over 10lb) then she could have it in at least 4oz of formula. would i be able to do this with cows milk as well? dd2 is now 20months so def over 10lb lol.

Beccarollover Fri 14-May-04 23:21:32


My DS has reflux and takes infant gaviscon - yes it will be fine in cows milk, I put a double sachet in every feed (8oz) - I find it quite effective in that he is still a bit sicky but if I forget the gaviscon he spews for britain

sleeplessmum2be Sat 15-May-04 09:56:59

My ds now 4 years old had reflux from a baby and was on gaviscon (sachets into formula) and ranitadine for a while. We kept a diary for about 3-6 months to see if there were any patterns ie vomit after formula with gaviscon or without. Eventually we realised that there were no patterns sometimes he did (almost always he did!!) so we stopped the ranitadine and eventually stopped the gaviscon too. He also seemed to have a fair amount of skin complaints from unexplained rashes to eczma type stuff. When he went onto cows milk it got even worse. So we switched him to soya milk. The reflux stopped instantly!!!!!! He did however take a long while to be able to tolerate lumpy food without being sick, i personally put it down to a quick reflux reflex IYKWIM you may find a diary helpful or switching formulas milk etc,

Whats your little ones skin like cos they are often closely linked in my experience!!

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