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Recuring Breast abscess and breastfeeding??

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Lauslaw Thu 29-Oct-15 20:18:40

Hi all, this may be a little unusual and possibly tmi but my doctor is not very helpful and I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience!?
For the last few years I have suffered recuring abscesses in my breast just under/around the nipple, the first (very large and painfull) one was lanced and drained but caused the nipple to withdraw an stay flat to the breast. Following this I have suffered lesser abscesses at intervals of between 6months and a year and I am usually prescribed antibiotics and sent on my way (not totally happily) I am six months pregnant and have now developed yet another abcess (skin peeling off and very red/sore) and yet again! Antibiotics.
My worry is this- will the damage done to ducts and breast tissue possibly prevent me from breastfeeding or expressing?? Any one have any thoughts or experiences to share?

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