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What's the best way to stop menstruating?

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SeaCabbage Thu 29-Oct-15 12:18:32

I've always been wary of going on the pill or anything like that but recently am getting fed up with my periods. I am peri-menopausal and getting them every 21+ days which is a real pain. I have an active sex life and an athletic hobby so I have started to think about trying the coil or something.

Could you tell me your experiences with various pills and devices which you can use or take to ensure no bleeding at all? I don't need a contraceptive but would love to experience having no periods for say a year and see what life is like!

I'd like to escape the hassle but not end up a wierd wreck due to hormones. smile

spanky2 Thu 29-Oct-15 12:20:52

Mirena coil. Got my life back. If I was a super hero I'd have been Period Woman! I'm 42.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Thu 29-Oct-15 12:23:04

Mirena coil here too.

It doesn't suit everyone but it suited me & I loved not getting any periods at all for years. I'm 42 as well smile

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Thu 29-Oct-15 12:26:19

Same as Spanky - Mirena for me too.

I had horrendous periods all my life, they ruined holidays as I used to frequently flood so could never be too far from a toilet. As I reached the menopause, they just got increasingly worse, think one every two weeks, lasting for nine days at a time. It was awful, I was anxious about even leaving the house. Had the Mirena fitted in my late 40s, and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life, haven't had a period now for over 10 years. I so wish it had been around years ago.

Maroonie Thu 29-Oct-15 12:27:43

This might not be helpful but I had the implant and although it stops periods for some people it just made mine more frequent and completely unpredictable.
I had it removed after a few months so it might have settled down eventually but there was no guarantee so I cut my losses.
I Was on the pill for a long time and found that much better, I still had periods but they were short and light.
They were also predictable to within a few hours if I had been taking them at the same time each day.
I would also skip the break and avoid a period if it was going to clash with a holiday, the control was great for me.
I think unfortunately it's something you just have to try because experiences vary from person to person
Hope you find something that works for you

SeaCabbage Thu 29-Oct-15 12:31:41

Wow thanks everyone, that was quick! I have heard of the Mirena coil of course. but three questions:

How does it work?
does it definitely stop all bleeding?
can it make you go at all depressed, or put on weight or any of those other things?

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Thu 29-Oct-15 12:42:42

They insert it at the start of your period when your cervix is open. It's not too painful (you can & should take painkillers before @ after) and after a few months your period either reduced to very light/ intermittent or stops altogether. There are side affects that some people struggle with. I'm overweight but not convinced that's down to MC alone & I've not had many issues with depression (I've gone through v stressful times since having it put in & it's not better or worse because of MC).

I have read a few people who post on MN who clearly didn't like it/it didn't work for them for all the reasons you've listed. I have luckily not had the same issues & have loved having it in - no periods has been worth the few side effects (which as I've stated im not convinced for me are solely down to having the MC).

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Thu 29-Oct-15 12:47:56

Different for everyone, so might not be right for everyone.

My friend and I both put on a bit of weight, but if you are athletic, this shouldn't be a problem for you.

Neither of us suffered with depression, but some people might.

Have a chat with your GP to discuss the best options for you, but gives some useful advice in the interim.

Shannaratiger Thu 29-Oct-15 12:50:34

Depot injection. Every 3months, no bleeding. Didn't get on with the Norplant or Mirena coil.

PlumpFiction Thu 29-Oct-15 12:50:41

I've recently had a Mirena coil fitted to treat extremely heavy periods. It doesn't guarantee no periods, but it's licensed for use to treat heavy periods so is a recognised treatment for that. The patient information leaflet says to give it 3-6 months to work. You can get irregular bleeding at first, which I'm getting but it's very light. I've booked to go for my 6 week follow-up early as I'm experiencing quite bad stomach cramps and upset stomachs at the moment, but I'm hopeful that will pass and it'll be the treatment of my dreams for the awful periods I've been having :-) Otherwise I'll have to start considering a hysterectomy...
I'd definitely recommend talking to your doctor about Mirena as a possibility. I think most people who have it, love it.

Northumberlandlass Thu 29-Oct-15 12:53:27

I had the Mirena coil fitted for the very reasons you describe. It didn't suit me at all & I gave it 9 months to see if it would settle down. I had horrendous mood swings ( I am prone to anxiety), periods every 2 weeks and felt sick a lot of the time.

As it happened, when I had Mirena removed after 9 months my periods naturally became lighter again, less painful although I do get them about every 21 days.

TheFairyCaravan Thu 29-Oct-15 12:56:04

Mirena coil was horrendous for me.

When I had it put in first I bled, constantly, for 16 weeks. I still got periods, I had horrendous PMT when I'd never had it before. It wasn't just around my periods either, it was all the time. I put on weight, I got spots, I lost my sex drive, it triggered my migrianes which I'd not had for years and I still get them now, severely 7 years on.

When I had it taken out after 8 months, I bled so badly for over 4 months. I was on the highest doses of hormones to stop it but it didn't work, I ended up with a transfusion because I was so anaemic.

In the end I had an endometrial ablation.

Northumberlandlass Thu 29-Oct-15 12:58:51

That sounds awful Fairy - I did feel terrible with the Mirena but nothing like you describe.
It's always the same when discussed for some women it changes their lives for the positive, which is why I gave it a go.

If my periods has remained so heavy & painful I would've had an ablation. I'm sterilized anyway.

EvansOvalPiesYumYum Thu 29-Oct-15 13:00:17

Crikey, Fairy - that sounds absolutely horrendous.

SuburbanRhonda Thu 29-Oct-15 13:01:36

Cerelle progesterone-only pill. Stopped my periods forever! But it doesn't work for everyone. No major side-effects though a bit of loss of libido sad

SeaCabbage Thu 29-Oct-15 13:09:19

Crikey, so many different reactions and of course you don't know how it will affect you till you try do you? Thank you everyone for your stories and Fairy good grief, you poor thing!

I may try it and hope for the best .............

hugoagogo Fri 30-Oct-15 08:54:13

Mirena for me too after a few months it settled and I very rarely have any bleeding- certainly nothing I would call a period.

I am on my second one and I only had about a week of bleeding when it was swapped.

CMOTDibbler Fri 30-Oct-15 11:58:35

I'm on my third Mirena and never have anything you could call a period

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Oct-15 12:04:11

Third mirena coil here too. No periods for years. I love it. No side effects at all.

splodgeness Fri 30-Oct-15 13:43:13

I love the Mirena coil, been fabulous for me. I had horrendous periods all my life including flooding and crippling pains, even when on the pill, so I wish I had tried it before. I know it doesn't work for everyone (poor Fairy) but this is my experience. After I had it put in I had one normal period, one light period and then nothing since for the last two years. I have been able to lose two stone of weight this year because I can go to the gym consistently (and because I am not confined to sitting on the sofa eating chocolate for one week out of four!). I asked my Gynae is there any way of telling who it will work for and who it won't and she said no, so I guess you have to give it a go and hope.

PoshPenny Fri 30-Oct-15 21:18:21

I held on and on because I don't get on with "normal" run of the mill hormones. It became unbearable. I am on continuous combined HRT - oestrogel and micronised progesterone. It is wonderful not to have periods any more and the stress and worry of flooding, always in an inconvenient place. The Mirena would have been no good for me, I couldn't get on with the pill, the mini pill or regular HRT, I'm intolerant of synthetic progesterone, I get very very depressed.

Hollyweeeen Fri 30-Oct-15 22:38:32

If you don't want to go for the coil, I am on the pill (microgynon). I take 2 or 3 packs back-to-back which means I often skip a period or two, depending on how I feel. I saw a top gynae who said it's perfectly safe to 'back pack' oral contraceptives. He said some people only take a break every 6 months or so.

SeaCabbage Sat 31-Oct-15 13:58:50

Thank you to the latest contributors. That was interesting Splodge that you actually asked if you could tell how people would get on with the mirena coil and you just can't tell. I am loving hearing about people who love it! I think I am going to try it. I really hope it works for me!

It is so useful to hear from real people who have tried it. Thank you!

Devonicity Sat 31-Oct-15 14:03:28

Mirena worked brilliantly for me, too. A couple of very light (think smallest pad for one day) periods and then nothing until had it out to ttc. No side effects that I've noticed at all.

ShelaghTurner Sat 31-Oct-15 14:06:08

Mirena here too. Fabulous as contraceptive. Had a year of no periods but the last few months they came back with a vengeance. Now seem to have tailed off and are a lot lighter but still there.

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