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Ovary / hernia - talk me out of panicking please

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Fallulah Thu 29-Oct-15 10:55:57

Three years ago I had surgery to remove a huge ovarian cyst. Genius surgeon managed to save the ovary, which was lucky as I had to have the other removed with the same thing when I was in my teens. I'm quite attached to the remaining one so I accept I do worry about the slightest twinge of pain.

Last Wednesday night I had terrible dragging pains, not eased by peeing or pooing. They eased overnight so I assumed it must be something I'd eaten. But for about four days after that I still had cramps, what felt like bloating and trapped wind and needed to pee more often than usual. Because of my history, I know these are ovarian cancer symptoms so, already worried, I made a dr's appointment for tomorrow. Most of the bloating and needing to pee has eased now but I still have weird crampy pain. I happened to prod low down on my abdomen last night where the pain is (pretty much along the scar from my op - like a longer caesarean incision) and I can definitely feel "something" that I can 'push back in' if I press hard enough.

Dr Google suggests this is a hernia rather than another ovary problem, which would make sense as it was a big op, I am overweight and I recently started a second job in a pub which involves lots of lifting heavy trays of glasses etc.

Has anyone else had anything like this? Despite having made it through two big operations in my life so far I am terrified of hospitals and the pain that comes after an op. I am also relatively new in my main job and just can't take weeks off if I do need surgery. Gah.

Cassimin Thu 29-Oct-15 11:03:57

Really don't want to worry you as I'm sure you are worried anyway but just wanted to tell you my mums story.
Her doctor told her she had a hernia, said she should pose weight. She put up with symptoms for months. She eventually went back and another dr was on duty. He immediately referred her to hospital. She was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
I imagine the symptoms must be very similar. Please insist that you are thoroughly checked out.

Fallulah Thu 29-Oct-15 16:15:34

Thanks, yes I will be assertive don't worry. It took three visits to the doctors before one eventually listened to me and referred for an ultrasound last time. Not planning on going through that again.

Fallulah Sat 31-Oct-15 10:42:55

Had to see a strange locum doctor as mine was ill - she didn't seem to know how to work anything so I don't have a lot of confidence! Anyway she says UTI and has given me antibiotics, which is exactly what happened with the first doctor last time. She has also referred me for an ultrasound and said I can just walk in on Monday at the hospital for it. She didn't seem to know how to work the computer so I will try that but am pretty sure they'll turn me away and tell me to wait for an appointment!

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