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Anti-fungal tabs for fungal toe nail...

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Draylon Wed 28-Oct-15 11:15:17

DH has been prescribed terbinafine anti-fungal tabs for 2 fungoid toenails.

Briefly, he has/had lovely feet! All soft and nice. I noticed what I know to be mild fungus infection, just a whitish area, on two toenails, so he went to a podiatrist who told him to use tea tree oil twice a day, which DH did, religiously, to no obvious effect til suddenly, both erupted in black scabby blisters! If you didn't know differently, the toes looked like a diabetic's, and his 2 nails started lifting. Obviously he stopped the tea tree.

So off the the GP who has prescribed oral terbinafine. GP says 'there are no side effects'- well, I disagree. It's my opinion that it can hammer your liver and rarely can cause a potentially fatal reaction, toxic epidermal necrolysis shock.

DO you think, assuming the black blister will disappear, it's worth the risk for a couple of fungal toe nails?

trixymalixy Wed 28-Oct-15 11:30:00

I took terbinafine for a fungal toenail. I too was worried about the side effects, so tried every other method first.

Tbh I wish I hadn't bothered fannying about for years with vicks and tea tree oil and curanail. The tablets eliminated the infection very quickly with no side effects that I am aware of.

ChesterFuckingDraws Wed 28-Oct-15 11:42:15

My DH had these tablets for fungal toe nails his GP surgery carried out blood tests before prescribing the tablets and 4weekly until the treatment stopped to keep an eye on his liver function etc (he doesn't have any liver/medical problem it was just their procedure when prescribing these tabs) could your DH ask his surgery if they could do something along these lines?

Draylon Wed 28-Oct-15 12:03:14


I wonder if that (the regular blood tests) might be a good idea?

He had a health MOT done at the GP's a couple of months ago that revealed higher than normal BP and raised cholesterol, but presumably they did LFTs at the time so he shouldn't need a pre-test, I guess.

I admit that I have a dreadful fungal toe nail, which is how I spotted DH's, but blush I don't want to not drink for a year so wouldn't take the drug.

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