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Bluejellycake Tue 27-Oct-15 21:42:13

Hi there, I'm just sat here feeling worried and thinking the worst...I wonder if anyone can put my mind at rest.

Almost 6 months ago I had a stillbirth. During labour I got an infection but was given anti-biopics and my physical health has been fine since. About a month and half ago I noticed some spotting, just a tiny amount of blood in my underwear. I had a post natal smear test a few weeks ago and although the nurse said my cervix looked "inflamed" and bled a little on contact, the results came back normal.

I since got a call from another nurse at the surgery saying she wanted to do some more swabs because of my spotting, and my appointment is on Thursday. The problem I have is that a couple of days ago I bled during sex and it looked like period blood, ie, a bit clotted (sorry if TMI). I had just had a period and thought it was finished. Since the sex I have had pale pink discharge on and off. I'm scared that there something wrong with me and I'm too anxious to just sit tight and wait for test results. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong with me?

ConfusedInBath Wed 28-Oct-15 08:29:20

I'm so sorry about your stillbirth OP.
Please take some reasurrence that your smear was normal. Spotting can occur for a few different reasons. It's being looked into quickly so you will be treated for whatever is causing it.


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