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enlarged para aortic lymphnodes

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QOD Tue 27-Oct-15 20:31:43

I had a sharp severe pain in Dec 14 reminiscent of kidney stones (had them 3 x before) and visited a And e
gp referred me for abdominal ct which showed multiple stones both kidneys and also stated multiple enlarged para aortic lymphnodes
Gp I saw for feedback just kind of sent me on my way
I did go back and see my normal gp who said he wanted to repeat in 3 months and for me to return and arrange

Time went by and I had other major medical probs, back and shoulder surgery so only went back in September.
Scan in early Oct and this was the practice owner gp who says he wants me to see only him after scan and that he wants me to have biopsy if still present

Anyway. Rang today and yes, no more glands involved, no growth but still apparent
Mentions no enlargement of spleen, stones obviously and message to see gp

He's not in until thurs a d I have to ring on the day and try for appointment

Problem is, Dr Google talks about ovarian or endometrial cancer.
Anyone gimme any clues?

QOD Tue 27-Oct-15 23:29:08


winnybella Tue 27-Oct-15 23:59:11

I would think that they were enlarged because of the kidney stones ( or perhaps something else in the past? Some pelvic infection?) and just never got back to their original size. If in almost a year there's no enlargement, no new suspicious nodes and everything else looks ok on the scan, then I would think it's ok as if they were cancerous last year surely the progression of disease would be apparent on the scan now. I had lymphoadectomy ( illiac) and they ranged in size from few millimeters to 2,5 cm IIRC and they were all clear. Don't panic in any case thanks

winnybella Wed 28-Oct-15 00:03:13

Wait, so it's your GP who wants to see you? Or the one where the scan took place?

winnybella Wed 28-Oct-15 00:05:14

Lymphadenectomy even, duh

QOD Wed 28-Oct-15 00:42:51

My gp. Message was "to discuss next step "
Argh I'm sick of hospitals.
My Mil had munchausans, as in she constantly had operations ad illness and sometimes I think I'm turning into her.
it's been endless. Never anything serious but I've had 14 generals and about 16 procedures.
Weré yours in that area? Google also implies surgical biopsy as in not just a camera uo the bum job
I'm so grateful for your reassuring post flowers

winnybella Wed 28-Oct-15 01:22:03

Wow, that's shit, all the surgeries you had, I'm sorry. Yes, I think the biopsy would involve surgery but it's key hole, I think. It may never get to that, though. If it's a bit reassuring, I had a radiologist insist on lymph node biopsy at my check up, my surgeon was meh but we went with it and it was just inflamed even though looked really dodgy( I had cervical cancer, but they didn't remove the paraortic nodes as it was fairly early stage so I don't know much about them). So, don't stress too much til you talk to the guy, he may just be overcautious. Do update if you're up to it smile

QOD Wed 28-Oct-15 08:04:33

Will do. Cancer is a scary word, hope you're fully healthy again now flowers

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