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Any advice on how to balance hormones?

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Fink Sun 25-Oct-15 21:10:02

I've been having bleeding between periods for the past few years. Had it checked out medically, had a uterine cauterisation etc. to no avail. Docs decided it therefore must be hormonal and wanted to put me on the pill to regulate it.

I have no intention of taking the pill or any other hormonal treatment (and certainly not for an indefinite period of years into the future) so the doctor has nothing else to suggest. But, assuming he's right about the cause, has anyone got any suggestions about how to balance hormones naturally?

There's a lot of information on the web and I don't know how much of it actually works. I'm on a 4:3 diet (for religious reasons rather than weight loss, but it works pretty much like a standard intermittent fasting type long-term diet to maintain weight).

It's annoying rather than life-limiting as conditions go so I'm not really up for making major life changes for what is a pretty minor complaint, but if anyone has experience of having made changes to daily routine/diet/exercise and it worked with hormonal imbalance, I'd like to hear about it!

amarmai Tue 27-Oct-15 01:23:56

avoid food that has come from animals fed with hormone laden feed e.g. diary,chicken,beef etc Eat organic as much as poss.

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