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Blood on poo

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Simplemind Thu 22-Oct-15 15:01:15

Just been to the loo and blood on tissue and small amount on poo. Started trying goats milk about 2 weeks ago as never been able to tolerate cows milk. Thought it suited me but last few days had to run to the loo first thing in the morning and lots of gurgling noises from tummy. Feel slightly sick too. Coincidence? Would allergy cause blood in stool in adults? Think I need to go to GP?

Simplemind Thu 22-Oct-15 20:31:19


Indantherene Thu 22-Oct-15 20:37:18

Could be anything. Please go to GP.

Wishful80smontage Thu 22-Oct-15 20:41:56

Have you been constipated/ or had diarrhoea?
What colour was the blood?

Simplemind Thu 22-Oct-15 21:37:31

Very loose stool. Red blood looks fresh ....

Looseleaf Thu 22-Oct-15 21:41:07

I would try going back to no goats milk, wait a week or two then try again. If it happens again then would seem possible the goats milk?

I had more bleeding than this (as in lots) and have various food intolerances. the GP was sure it wouldn't be anything sinister due to my age and no history of anything in her family and it was indeed all fine

PurpleDaisies Thu 22-Oct-15 21:41:15

You need to see your GP. It is really important.

You could just have a bug, or it could haemorrhoids or there could be a more serious cause. Book an appointment tomorrow.

Le1890 Thu 22-Oct-15 21:41:42

Sometimes with lots of loose stool and wiping you can have a wee tear that can cause fresh red blood. Would advise though to get checked out for your peace of mind.x

EugenesAxe Thu 22-Oct-15 21:43:47

I've read that dark stools are more of a concern, in terms of bowel/stomach cancer and things. I would associate bright blood with something like an anal fissure (not that nasty).

It couldn't hurt to give GP a call; I don't think I'd go in unless they suggested it would be a good idea after speaking to me.

Babytookacupwoo Thu 22-Oct-15 21:44:33

Don't panic. Fresh red blood is fine. It's dark old blood you need to see your GP urgently for. Fresh blood likely means something is torn - a fissure or Hemhorrid.

If the goats milk is giving you constipation this seems like the most likely culprit but they do take a long time to heal unfortunately.

SoDiana Thu 22-Oct-15 21:47:31

Docs get worried about black stools. Not from fresh blood when wiping. I am not a doc though.

PurpleDaisies Thu 22-Oct-15 21:59:26

None of us have seen the op's poo-if it is a tiny spot on the paper that's probably a broken blood vessel around the anus, but she says the blood was in the poo as well as the paper. That's a serious cause until you've ruled it out (I am a qualified doctor).

Black stools are also worrying, but depending on exactly where a lesion is the first presenting sign of bowel cancer can be rectal bleeding. I agree it is more likely to be a non serious cause but if it is something bad picking it up early makes a massive difference.

Aliceinwonderlust Thu 22-Oct-15 22:04:06

Wish you were my doctor purple both DH and I have been to the GP over the last 5 years for blood in stools and no one has been in the slightest bit interested

ThreeRuddyTubs Thu 22-Oct-15 22:11:54

I had blood in my stool and when I wiped and it was piles but I had to have a colonoscopy to find out. I would go to the doctor if it persists

Simplemind Fri 23-Oct-15 07:11:33

Thanks for all replies. The blood was streaked on the poo rather than in it. Been to the loo this morning. Felt alarmed as I saw red again but with careful inspection I realised it was red pepper eaten Wednesday. Don't think yesterday was but will keep careful eye and see GP if happens again and in the meantime stop the goats milk.

Simplemind Fri 23-Oct-15 09:48:21

Sorry looseleaf can I ask what your food intolerances were that caused bleeding?

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Fri 23-Oct-15 09:50:46

Definitely go to the GP. Please don't dismiss bright red blood on wiping as being fine. It's much less likely that darker blood to be anything sinister, but it could be.

I had the same symptoms, my GP diagnosed piles and told me I could have an examination if I wanted but it would be a lot of hassle hmm thankfully by the time my symptoms had worsened I had moved and my new GP examined me immediately, found no piles and sent me for the colonoscopy that diagnosed my stage 3 bowel cancer. My tumour was very near the end of my colon which is why the blood was still red.

I'm not suggesting that this is a likely cause, piles/intolerances/fissure/IBS/IBD are all far more likely, but blood should always be checked out. And I would always recommend asking for an examination if a GP diagnoses piles without one. It's not pleasant, but worth it for peace of mind.

Good luck OP, I hope it is just irritation from the milk flowers

Simplemind Fri 23-Oct-15 11:06:08

Thanks whatwould. Hope you are doing ok now. Can I ask what age you where when diagnosed?

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sat 24-Oct-15 09:56:44

I'm fine now, thanks smile I was 21 at diagnosis. Sorry, I hope I didn't scare you. It is almost certainly nothing to worry about, but still worth mentioning to your GP.

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