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Colposcopy worry....

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BizzieBoo Thu 22-Oct-15 11:36:25


Really just looking to vent/reassurance/others experiences.

So basically last December I had a smear which came back with some abnormal cells so I was asked to come for another in February. What I didn't know at that point was that I was in the early stages of pregnancy.

This came back with abnormal cells again and I was referred for a colcoscopy. On speaking with my GP she advised that the changes/abnormalities were borderline/ minor and advised that I should wait until after my baby was born to attend for it as in her opinion there was no urgent requirement for the procedure, based on my results, and that childbirth may correct the situation. Plus no treatment would be possible while pregnant anyway.

My baby was born in September and I have my appt for my colcoscopy in December and now I am freaking out! I'm pretty sure it's nothing (given the low level of the changes) but I can't help worrying.

Top this I've had a wart type thing on my elbow for quite some time that I've never bothered seeing too as it wasn't bothering me and another one has recently appeared on my hand - I googled (I know - usually I don't, blame post-preg hormones) and it said they could (could!!) be caused by HPV virus -and in my hormonal sleep deprived state I'm in worse case scenario again. hmm

I guess I'm now concerned about the wait (although not much is likely to have changed in that time), the actual procedure etc etc!

amarmai Fri 23-Oct-15 14:54:36

had the borderline smear - sorted itself out-quite common. Not sure re the warts - did you check with gp?

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