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bad pains while pregnant

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Natasha1990 Tue 20-Oct-15 22:09:27

Hello everyone.
I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby
I have been getting real bad pain on right side goes around my back and is quite painful been doctors told could be goal stones seen the consultant said about it could be colic waiting for some urine results to come back due to been white blood cells in urine . Had kidney and liver test and some others at doctors all come back normal baby is doing good which is good thing but I'm getting these pains very day can last long worse when I eat or drink anyone else had this before seem like the doctors were thinking I'm not in that much pain but I've kept on and on as it's severe pain not just growing pains

Maiziemonkey Wed 21-Oct-15 02:33:48

Hi Natasha - hope the tests help find out what's wrong but if they don't, keep going and keep asking them to figure it out for you. Nobody should be iin alot of pain whether pg or not. I had a lot of back, hip and pelvis pain with my 2- they said it was spd, have thye checked you for this, they give physio and exercises. gall stones is possible as it's supposed to be one of most painful tings ever you can get, just make them realise it is severe pain and don't let them give you the brush-off
It is not good for you to have alot of pain in your prenancy, even if they do not find a cause.

Sayvalleymaker Wed 21-Oct-15 02:55:32

Sounds like gall stones to me, I developed them during pregnancy and had the same symptoms as you as well as terrible attacks of pain that I ended up in a and e with. I was fobbeddd of with heart burn until aftedd was born and I could tell them it was worse than labour, sent for a scan and lo- gallstones. She's 9 months now and I'm.still waiting for my operation.

You need to insist on an ultrasound scan, kick up a stink until they give you one. Also cutting down on fat (my diet is currently 5% fat) will help control the pain as fat causes the gall bladder to contract. Good luck op, don't let them fob you off. Pregnancy can mask gallstone symptoms in blood and urine tests, only way to find out for sure is a scan. X

Natasha1990 Wed 21-Oct-15 11:19:34

Thanks you all this really does help me. I must be like a mental nag at the doctors and jeep sending me away muscle pains growing pains indigestion loads more but they are sending me for a scan but not sure how long to wait for it. Will have other results back in two dys now. I'm terrified of labour pains not knowing what's coming but while I have these pains in think to myself oh how bad is labour if this is nothing to them thanks againxx

Sayvalleymaker Thu 22-Oct-15 00:04:25

With labour pain at least you know for sure it's meant to be happening and it's less scary than pain with unknown causes.
My labour pains felt like really bad constipation pain. It was hard for me but not horrendous, I had dd at home using a pool and gas and air, and honestly I found gallstones are far far worse even with strong pain relief.

Hope you get your mystery pains sorted soon, keep us updated x

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