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CFS / Neck Tenderness / Muscle Pain - linked ?

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TheLovelyBones Tue 20-Oct-15 20:26:32

I'm currently being investigated for CFS.

All blood tests have been inconclusive. I am severely fatigued and its impacting on my life .

I also have constant upper body pain - aching in my shoulders , tender neck (and neck lumps) . My neck feels very fragile and is clicking on a daily basis .

I get regular back pain and constant shoulder muscle pain. Are these linked to CFS?

My mood is also nose diving as I'm so fed up sad

PettsWoodParadise Tue 20-Oct-15 22:52:18

I don't suffer from CFS but have never been quite the same since suffering glandular fever as a teenager. I also didn't want your post to go unanswered.

I find Pilates helps with my aches. Also limit screen time before bed as it interferes with your body's ability to produce melatonin which helps with your sleep patterns.

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 21-Oct-15 08:31:25

"tender neck (and neck lumps)" and then a reference to low mood.

Have you had your thyroid checked?

TheLovelyBones Wed 21-Oct-15 09:13:52

I've had thyroid checked and all the results came back normal .

Strange Pett as my CFS has been linked to glandular fever I had a while ago .

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 21-Oct-15 09:47:48

How 'normal' is 'normal'? You have classic signs of hypothyroidism there.

TheLovelyBones Wed 21-Oct-15 16:45:11

I'm not sure confused I've had it checked twice and both times they said nothing was wrong . confused

TheLovelyBones Wed 21-Oct-15 16:45:57

That's not meant to read as sarcastic grin

MerdeAlor Wed 21-Oct-15 17:12:31

Have you seen a physio/ chiropractor or osteopath? It may be tension and muscle fatigue making your back and neck muscles tighten.
I get it in connection to fatigue and one session with an osteo or chiro works wonders.

HeyMacWey Wed 21-Oct-15 17:18:23

Before I was given a diagnosis of cfs I also had terrible shoulder pain which I thought was triggered from sitting incorrectly at my workstation my muscles had gone int spasm and was in constant pain - I'd also had a a flu like virus a month previously. The osteo did some work around it which helped and he seemed to think that the virus had somehow attached itself to a weak point in my body.

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