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Calling mrsmorton or other dental people! Bloody tooth! :(

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Badders123 Tue 20-Oct-15 17:51:56

First upper molar on left side.
Had it filled in April. It was cracked and part of it came off during filling.
Lots of pain, didn't settle.
Tried a night splint.
Didn't help.
So then I had a rct in July.
Hadn't settled.
Had steroids and abx.
Still hurts on chewing and is heat sensitive.
Dentist can't see anything wrong on x Ray and altered the bite.
I am now waking up in the mornings with blood in my mouth.
Not nice.
Got an appt tomorrow morning albeit my dentist is on hols.
Aibu to just get the Bloody thing taken out?
I know it ain't look good but this is ridiculous. It's cost £££££ and I am fed up.
Surely sometimes a tooth just can't be saved?

Badders123 Tue 20-Oct-15 17:54:08

...not really keen on the thought of am implant, no the cost would be horrific.

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