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Had coil fitted 18 months ago - get spotting/discharge 24 hours after sex...every time!?

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mom2daisypie Tue 20-Oct-15 12:42:56


I had the miners coil fitted around 18 months ago and had off/on bleeding for about 12 months (nightmare!) anyway, I stuck with it but another factor is that the day after having sex with my husband, I notice much heavier discharge which is often pink. Im worried that there has been some damage to my cervix what do you think?
Anyone else get discharge/spotting as the result of the coil associated with having intercourse?

Im really worried sad

mom2daisypie Tue 20-Oct-15 12:43:31

obviously meant Mirena coil not miners!!!

Pleasemrstweedie Tue 20-Oct-15 13:31:40

Yes, with a copper coil that turned out to have slipped.

Go get it checked.

mumsnit Wed 21-Oct-15 21:16:05

Yes with mirena this happened to me. It was in the right place as I had a scan.

Do get it checked out especially to put your mind at rest and I hope all is well. The mirena just doesn't suit some women - I had a lot of the same problems with irregular bleeding for months and months. Glad to get it taken out in the end.

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