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Raised ALT - what does this mean?

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ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 19-Oct-15 12:24:43

Don't want to drip feed so I'll try give much info as needed.
10 weeks pregnant and on 4 hospital admission due to hyperemisis and a flare (I've SLE or lupus as known)
My ALT has been raised for the last 6 weeks and getting higher so having regular bloods and seeing a consultant (my normal one) Thursday.
Anyone knows what causes this? They said it could be to do with lupus and can be dangerous. I do have sore ribs and had my gallbladder out.
Any info greatly appreciated smile

Pleasemrstweedie Mon 19-Oct-15 12:28:34

It's probably nothing more or less than a result of the hyperemesis.

It seems to be on the standard list of 'other stuff going on', including depression and dehydration.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 19-Oct-15 12:40:43

Ah fab I shall stop worrying as much! Thank you Please smile

Preminstreltension Mon 19-Oct-15 13:55:42

I had raised ALT later in pg - from about 30 weeks - so had frequent monitoring and finally they took the decision to take DS out two weeks early (was already due a CS for other reasons so a relatively simple decision in my case). It can be a marker for obstetric cholestasis and that's what they were concerned about but afaik that's an issue in later pregnancy rather than for where you are. I had also had my gallbladder out so it could also have been that.

Poor you on the hyperemesis - hope you get some relief soon.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 19-Oct-15 17:25:55

That's what's been mentioned this afternoon but it's surely far too early!
I had it last pg but from 30+ weeks.
Thank you premin.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Wed 21-Oct-15 21:31:30

Been told today it's cholestasis even though only 11 weeks :/

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