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Anyone had shingles whilst breastfeeding

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bebo100 Mon 19-Oct-15 11:45:16


I've just been diagnosed with shingles. On the bright side it's been caught fairly early, and I've been given antivirals (aciclovir).

However really hoping that 3 month old breast fed baby, 2 year old and husband won't catch chicken pox from me (none of them have had it).

At the moment only a few small patches of rash, which can be covered with clothing, and got antivirals within 24 hours of rash appearing.

Anyone else had shingles. How did it work out? Did your family get chicken pox?


Witchend Mon 19-Oct-15 12:48:27

I had it when dd2 was 6 weeks and still breast fed. She didn't catch it off me It was on my back and fairly mild, I didn't get antivirals as I showed the doctor too late really. I was in for her 6 week check and I said "while you're here, I have a really itchy rash, could I have some cream or something". he took one look and said "shingles". grin

However she did get chickenpox at 6 months (caught off big sister, who caught it at preschool) and had it scarily badly.

GloGirl Mon 19-Oct-15 13:35:54

I think your baby will still be covered by your CP immunity. You probably caught shingles because you were so run down after giving birth and breastfeeding. I had a cold sore - only one I've ever had a couple if weeks after giving birth!

Glad you caught it early.

Good luck with your toddler and husband flowers

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