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Stuttering - any suggestions?

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SalaciousCrumb Sun 18-Oct-15 08:02:54

Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this - as a child I stuttered quite severely; and on and off have done so all through my adult life, but fairly mildly. There has been trauma in my family lately; elderly parents having operations, and sibling suffering mental breakdown. I am feeling anxious. It is affecting my speech, and as my job involves speaking to members of the public it makes me feel embarrassed. I am concerned about people noticing around me.

Does anybody else have any speech disturbance/stutter? If so, what has helped cope/overcome it?

Tanfastic Mon 19-Oct-15 19:54:27

Hi there, my 7 year old suffers from a stammer which is fairly mild most if the time but sometimes can be quite bad. I've found the BSA (British Stammering Association) very supportive. They also have a facebook group where most of the members are adult stammerer's and I've found them to be very supportive as well.

Therapy that works for one may not work for another as every stammer presents itself in a different way. My son has been taught coping strategies to help his speech fluency but he really has to practise these (and remember to use them). Your GP may be able to refer you for speech therapy.

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