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diazepam before general anaesthetic

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peppansalt Sat 17-Oct-15 20:43:25

I am due to have fairly minor surgery under general anaesthetic on Monday. Originally it was going to be done under local but the consultant gas since changed his mind. I have a needle phobia so my GP has prescribed diazepam to take beforehand. However this was before the change to GA.

I realise I've left it late to check but am I still ok to take diazepam before a GA? Hoping it is safe as not sure I can go through it without something to clam my nerves.

EnlightenedOwl Sat 17-Oct-15 21:51:38

I'm not sure I would without checking first with the hospital

tobee Sat 17-Oct-15 22:42:58

I was prescribed some for anxiety before a ga. I was told it would be fine as long as you don't take it after fasting deadline. But definitely ring the unit to be certain of the exact timings.

Runwayqueen Sun 18-Oct-15 00:55:38

I've used it before as I have a needle phobia. To be honest I would just asked to be put under by the gas. I know some anethatists don't like it, but if there is no medical reason why you can't have it they shouldn't refuse. Please don't be fobbed off, my last 3 surgeries have been much calmer because I've not been frightened of the cannula knowing it will go in once asleep. Good luck op

SofiaAmes Sun 18-Oct-15 01:01:44

My ds used to have a major needle phobia. When he had his appendix out they had to gas him to get the needle in (after 1 junior nurse, 2 senior nurses and the head of pediatric anesthesia all tried and failed to get a needle into him). They explained to me that the needle normally needed to go in before the gas because if there were complications and they needed to get something into him quickly or keep him hydrated, they like to put it in before doing the general anesthetic gas.

sallysparrow157 Sun 18-Oct-15 01:23:25

It's far far safer to have a general anaesthetic with a drip in place than without. diazepam is a standard pre med drug, there is no problem with you having it prior to your anaesthetic but if I was anaesthetising you I would prefer you hadn't taken it before coming into hospital as I wouldn't feel able to consent you for the anaesthetic if you were under the influence of a sedative you weren't used to. You will see an anaesthetist before your surgery, I suggest you ask them for a pre med (and some numbing cream so you don't feel the needle going in), they will prescribe it and you'll have it so it kicks in before you go to theatre. It may be worth phoning the department and letting them know you really do want a pre med too. Also, drink plenty of water just before your fasting time, if you're well hydrated your veins are easier to find. So if you are told to fast from 6am, get up at half 5 and drink a couple of pints of water.
Let the Anaesthetist know you're needle phobic and they will look after you

SofiaAmes Sun 18-Oct-15 06:45:03

And in my ds' case, we tried diazepam before a blood draw once and it was absolutely useless. The problem was his fear which kicked in before the needle touched him and it had nothing to do with pain. He did finally overcome his fear through sheer willpower, but then would pass out from the tenseness from keeping still for the needle. He's much better now.

peppansalt Sun 18-Oct-15 08:54:56

Thank you so much for your replies. I also have a needle phobia and general anxiety about procedures (had a horribly painful deep nerve injection in my neck a few years ago without anaesthetic and spent rest of day in hospital as kept passing out).

So I can request a pre-med tomorrow morning if I don't take the diaz?

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