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Anxiety medication

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Buster08 Fri 16-Oct-15 11:30:01

Can anyone tell me what medication they take for anxiety? I'm currently taking 30mg citalopram which has been okish but recently my anxiety levels have shot up again and it just feels like they aren't working as well.

I've had that horrible knotted stomach and the awful feelings of Impending Doom. I do have a lot going on at work which is making me feel quite stressed but it shouldn't be anything I can't normally cope with. It comes and goes but when it comes it's really horrible and I'm struggling to focus.

I've got a Drs appt next week, wondering if I either need to up my dose or maybe change to something else.

mintbiscuit Fri 16-Oct-15 14:07:28

How long have you been on it? Has it ever really worked for you? I was on citalopram a few years ago and had to up my dose to 40g mid use as went through particularly stressful time. Then gradually reduced over a number months.

Discuss with your GP and see what they think. May be that there is something better for you to try.

gamerchick Fri 16-Oct-15 14:12:31

I take propranolol 40mg. It stops all the physical symptoms you describe by preventing the excess adrenaline being pumped around the body.

I don't need anything else.

Buster08 Fri 16-Oct-15 14:40:50

I've been on citalopram for just over a year, and have been on it for short periods before but more for depression than anxiety.

I think it's been good to keep me fairly stable and I don't ever feel depressed or down now but the anxiety is building up. I think the gp put me on it this time because I'd taken it before and it worked well but I think my symptoms this time are different. I also take 50mg pregabalin for migraine prevention but I think that had a slightly anti-anxiety effect as well.

Enjoyingtheattention Sun 18-Oct-15 16:54:52

Your citalopram can be increased to 40mg which is the maximum dose.

If you are considering changing medication, Sertraline is probably a better choice for anxiety symptoms. You should also look at a referral to your local NHS IAPT Service (improved access to psychological therapies) for CBT. (Cognitive behavioural therapy)
Normally you can self refer to IAPT or alternatively, you can be referred by your GP.

Good luck.

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