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headaches every day

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msunnymol Wed 14-Oct-15 09:58:02

i get a headache every day, mainly around my eyes and front of my head. it's not a migraine but is very painful and feels like somebody is sticking a knife in my head! it sometimes spreads to the back too and into my ears.

i went to the doctors a few months ago and she did balance tests etc and said it was nothing. i got new glasses and this has not helped.

i havbe booked another GP appointment for this week but just wondered if anybody else suffers badly with headaches and what you do to help them? I drink 3L water a day so it's nothing to do with not being hydrated enough.

Karoleann Wed 14-Oct-15 13:45:50

How long have you been having headaches for and do you think the severity is worsening?
Do you tend to wake up with the headaches, or do they come on later in the day? What time do you get them and how long to the last?
Is there any pattern - do you get them mainly on work days/during the week.
Do you have any neck/back problems?
Does anything alleviate them?
Do you ever get nausea or flashes of light with the headaches?
Do you take any medications? If so, when did you start taking them?
Are you pregnant?
Do you have any dental problems?
Any allergies/sinus problems?

HellKitty Wed 14-Oct-15 13:51:03

It sounds to me like sinus. I wake up with a thumping headache that almost feels like a migraine and that IS my sinuses.

Do your cheeks hurt if you push them or any areas around there up to your eye sockets?

Thurlow Wed 14-Oct-15 13:58:56

Sinuses give me crazy headaches around my face. If you press your cheekbones, are they tender?

rambunctious Fri 16-Oct-15 21:58:04

I'm getting a lot of headaches at the moment too, but mine seem to be all over my head. It's there when I wake up, so I've started a headache log, charting alcohol/hours of sleep / other factors etc, to see if there's a pattern.
Would something similar help you, msunny?

wineoclockthanks Fri 16-Oct-15 22:01:52

Have you had your blood pressure checked?
My headaches disappeared after I was put on high blood pressure medication.

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