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Catching CMV prior to TTC

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hairbrushbedhair Mon 12-Oct-15 17:24:02

I think my anxiety is too high to TTC atm im having a slight relapse and I had severe anxiety and depression in my first pregnancy so putting our plans to TTC on hold for 6 months and knowing I'm not immune to CMV and have no antibodies to any CMV strain I was thinking about trying to catch it now so I could worry less when I am mentally strong enough to TTC. I was incredibly reassured learning im immune to CP, rubella and parvovirus so all my anxiety has hooked on this being possible to catch

I intend to either be screened by GP or pay for screening to ensure I don't have an active infection when we do feel ready to TTC

Any tips on catching it? Offers to infect me wink? Or reassurance?

hairbrushbedhair Tue 13-Oct-15 15:21:40


hairbrushbedhair Wed 14-Oct-15 13:59:13

Still nobody at all? Perhaps I should of put this in AIBU for traffic

iPaid Wed 14-Oct-15 14:43:11

What is CMV?

hairbrushbedhair Wed 14-Oct-15 14:46:58


Its only a worry in pregnancy usually if you catch your first infection as can cause birth defects and stillbirth

Most people apparently have unknowingly had an infection and therefore have antibodies prior to pregnancy. I'm in the minority of adults who haven't had it

Floggingmolly Wed 14-Oct-15 14:55:55

How do you propose to go about catching it? The mind boggles...

APlaceOnTheCouch Wed 14-Oct-15 14:57:22

OP I read your post on AIBU. AIBU can be vicious so you are probably better staying here or trying Chat.

I mean this kindly but I think your anxiety is impacting on how you feel about CMV. Less than 1% of babies are born with CMV and of that 1%, almost 90% of them will have no problems resulting from CMV. (These stats are from the NHS website).

Once you have caught CMV, it can recur if your immune system is impaired and you can also catch a different strain of it later, so I'm not sure that deliberately catching it would make sense. Could you discuss your concerns with your GP or a midwife? They might be able to reassure you.

hairbrushbedhair Wed 14-Oct-15 15:06:47

Thanks aplaceonthecouch

It is definitely without a doubt that my anxiety is impacting on my concerns, I realise that...

But I follow that I am the minority likely to be in the 1% because of the fact iv never had it whereas there's probably only 1% as most people are immune (in that they won't have a first infection in pregnancy, so although they could get it they're less likely to experience problems if they do)

And I think if I knew I had already had it I would spend less time obsessing and anxious over it in a pregnancy which could then impact badly on my DS as I might get scared about him giving it to me

hairbrushbedhair Wed 14-Oct-15 15:12:10

How do you propose to go about catching it? The mind boggles...

I suppose I'm hoping I could come in contact with someone who's aware they have an active infection.

Or that my DS will bring it home from somewhere and pass it on in his kisses

I'm hyper vigilant due to health anxiety which is probably why I have never caught it yet - I wash my hands well and often. Perhaps relaxing on the frequency I wash my hands and my DS

APlaceOnTheCouch Wed 14-Oct-15 16:08:18

I think it would be quite difficult to catch on purpose.

Sorry, I'm not clear from your OP, have you had a blood test to show you've never had CMV and have no immunity? Otherwise, it's possible that you have had it and just can't remember.

hairbrushbedhair Wed 14-Oct-15 16:16:32

Yes iv had a blood test recently which confirms I haven't ever been exposed to a CMV infection

But being a mum of DS (3) in nursery im in the high risk catagory for catching it in adulthood during pregnancy as obviously we frequent places with small children who spread it in urine and saliva

Preminstreltension Thu 15-Oct-15 21:54:05

I understand. I was also CMV negative which is reasonably unusual. I managed it by being extra vigilant about hand washing etc and used a lot of antibacterial gel.

I think I recall that it's only likely to cause a problem at a certain point in pregnancy so quite a limited window of risk.

hairbrushbedhair Thu 15-Oct-15 22:41:50

Thanks for the reassurance

I think the hand washing I can be quite confident with, it's things like what if DS sneezes in my face, or he gets sick that panics me

God I hope I just manage to catch it in advance of TTC (going to test again once I feel ready to try to make sure I don't have an active infection at that point)

If it's so common it can't be that hard to catch?

nightsky010 Sun 15-Nov-15 00:41:33

Many, many things can cause stillbirth and birth defects. You can't control all the risks, so stop worrying about it. You can take all the precautions in the world and it doesn't always work. And I'm saying this as someone whose DC was sent for an organ transplant 6 days after birth due to an infection.

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