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Low iron levels.

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LeChien Mon 12-Oct-15 12:28:13

I've just been told that my iron levels are low.
I'm having another blood test in two weeks to check for coeliac.
I've stupidly googled and scared myself, so thought I'd see if anyone can reassure me!
I think I have symptoms of low iron, which I've been writing off as anxiety - exhaustion, occasional breathlessness, occasional palpitations.
I am overweight, have a dreadful diet at the moment.
Under a lot of stress.
Fairly heavy periods.

Google tells me that heavy periods can be a cause, but also mentioned stomach and bowel cancer, so being anxious, these are the things I've picked up on.
Please come and tell me what to expect and hand me a grip!

Kewcumber Mon 12-Oct-15 12:32:51

DO you have low iron or actual iron anaemia?

I have chronic low iron and B12 deficiency and was investigated for coeliac and stomach and bowel cancer - all clear. Both generally come with other symptoms too and I don;t have them so I wasn't too worried personally.

The things you've noted are very liekly the cause:

overweight (though depends on how much overweight - according to my gastroenterologist obese people absorb less iron though I haven't checked his assertions)
dreadful diet
heavy periods

I don't think stress is a factor.

LeChien Mon 12-Oct-15 12:36:59

Anaemia wasn't mentioned, just low iron levels.
I was asked if I eat lots of bread, pizza, pasta, carby things, and yes I do.

I think I have a cycle of being very stressed = eating crap = feeling shit, so I definitely need to sort the diet out.
I could ideally lose 7 stone blush, so yes, obese.

Kewcumber Mon 12-Oct-15 12:49:10

Don't be blush I am too!

Low iron (assuming no anaemia yet to they would have mentioned it - though not impossible and they might have said "iron deficient anemia and you didn't notice) does produce symptoms in its own right though personally I associate being out of breath with anaemia I don't get when I'm just iron deficient.

It doesn't help the eating crap that it does make you feel low - I though I was actually depressed as I just couldn't be bothered to do anything!

Gentle exercise, if you can afford it one of the plant based iron supplement which are easier on your stomach (if not red meat, liver, dark green veg, you know the usual), and vitamin C (either in fruit or supplement) as it helps the absorption of iron (also not helping if you diet is shit) and don;t take dairy or calcium rich tablets foods within 2 hours of an iron suppliment.

Really the most common reason for pre-menopausal women is heavy periods. And even if your doctor refers you - it doesn't mean anything more than that they're ticking off boxes.

LeChien Mon 12-Oct-15 12:53:12

Thank you!

I've been told not to take any supplements until I've had the next blood test, then I'll get myself some spatone.
I have times of feeling like this, but the most significant with breathlessness, palpitations etc was when I was last pregnant, although blood results were fine. Spatone worked well.

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