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Help! Lost sicknote.What can I do?

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Mirage Sun 03-Dec-06 16:08:52

I was given a sick note from the Drs last week,as I had been unable to work after a nasty stomach bug.Howver,I can't find it now.It was in my purse & dd2 has had everything out & has probably hidden it somewhere.I have turned the house upside down,but with no luck.

I really can't afford to loose this money,as I am self employed & don't get Statutory sick pay.Would the Dr issue a duplicate?If not,what do I do?

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DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 03-Dec-06 16:47:30

i'm sure they'd issue a duplicate for you but they might charge you. Hopefully not, but they might.

UCM Sun 03-Dec-06 17:09:39

They will issue a duplicat, I have done this. I wrote a letter to the surgery and explained what had happened with dates etc and the Dr did it for me that day, it did have duplicate written on it.

CantSleepWithSanta Sun 03-Dec-06 17:16:32

I'm confused Mirage. If you are self-employed, then how will a sick note help you to get money?

Mirage Sun 03-Dec-06 17:17:42

Oh thank you both so much.That is such a relief to hear.I've had a horrible week & losing the sicknote was the last straw.

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Mirage Sun 03-Dec-06 18:33:51

As I pay NI contributions I can claim Incapacity benefit.It is less than the equivalent of a days wages for the whole week,but better than nothing.

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CantSleepWithSanta Sun 03-Dec-06 20:37:48

Ah - I never realised that (both dh and I are/were self-employed). Glad to hear that you should be able to get a replacement then.

UCM Mon 04-Dec-06 13:14:39

Did you phone your Drs and what did they say? Hope you got it sorted ....god been waiting to do that LOL

Mirage Mon 04-Dec-06 23:21:01

Thanks UCM.I went in today & left a note at reception for the Dr.They said to ring on Wednesday to see what the position was.I'm hopeful as they are an excellent practice & I'm not in there every 5 minutes pestering them.

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Mirage Mon 04-Dec-06 23:21:30

I mean

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homebase22 Fri 26-Apr-19 12:13:32

hi i sent a sick note to my works last friday on a second class post thay said thay not recived it yet would it be because of the bank holiday if not can i get a replacement sick note from my doctor if thay dont recive it

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