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Low Fodmap foods for IBS-C?

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Spinstar Sat 10-Oct-15 19:11:29

Several months ago, I was incredibly ill for many many weeks and then left with a messed up digestive system. I went through all the fast-track /red flag symptoms/ NHS investigations for the nastier diseases and thankfully, everything dire was ruled out. This left me with the 'nebulous diagnosis' of post viral IBS and it now seems I had something like very bad Swine Flu or one of those killer flu viruses that then ruined my digestive tract.

I'm left with incredible amounts of stomach pain at times, especially in the lower left part of my abdomen near my left hip bone - a burning pain that gets so severe at times, I break out in a sweat.

I've radically altered my diet from wholefood vegetarian of 30+ years to a very bland low Fodmap diet (IBS sufferers will know all about that diet), that's supposed to help people like me. My staple foods are white fish, salmon, lean chicken, rice, gluten free porridge oats and prawns/crab. From time to time I try some of the low Fodmap veggies and fruit but anything not very bland seems to cause acid and burning pain.

However, I'm now really constipated, despite drinking tons of water and sticking to the gluten free oats with water every day - for fibre. I crave fruit and veg but can't really tolerate these without pain. However, I'm in pain more or less all the time, with it getting much worse at times and just tolerable at other times.

What low Fodmap foods has anyone found help IBS-Constipation but that don't cause further abdominal pain? I eat some spinach and carrots but not sure if these have made the pain worse and after eating red peppers and courgettes and celery, I think it all got a lot worse, even though these are on the OK list of foods.

How can I get fibre, naturally, without this inducing pain? Constipation is probably making the pain worse too - but I'm caught between this or pain from fruit and veg?

Any fellow sufferers out there who can suggest some suitable foods?

LionsDontWeaveLentils Sun 11-Oct-15 18:04:57

Hi there. You have my sympathy. I was recently diagnosed with IBS and am also on a low FODMAP diet. I have also suffered terribly with constipation even though I can manage all the low FODMAP veg and eat lots of them.

Can I ask how long you have been on it for? I found I still suffered with terrible pain after every meal for a couple of weeks. It then magically improved. I still feel bloated and sore sometimes but nothing like the agony I suffered before.

It does sound like you are having real difficulties getting a balanced diet so could do with some professional help. Please go back to your doctor and asked to see a dietician who will be able to help you though this.

Spinstar Sun 11-Oct-15 19:13:19

Hi Lions. I've been on the Low Fodmap diet for about 7 months now. The IBS pain comes and goes and I've tracked it in relation to what I eat but can't always see a pattern to it. It also doesn't correlate with how relaxed or how stressed I am - it just comes cyclically and sometimes - like recently, the pain has been pretty bad now for 4 weeks, although today not quite so awful. I'm hoping it'll ease again for a few days now.

I don't get more pain after a meal and sometimes eating actually helps but I think when the food reaches a certain part of my body,then I get awful pain. Sometimes the pain is worse after I've been to the loo and sometimes better.

The pain is particularly bad at night when I'm fast asleep and then I wake up with so much pain and try various yoga positions to ease it.

My consultant discharged me as I was feeling a lot better from the flu part of the illness when I last saw him and the pain wasn't so bad. It's been better and then worse since then but I'm not willing to go on the medication he suggested as I've heard a lot of negative stuff about it (mebeverine) like it can cause worse constipation. He was very 'medication based' in his approach.

My consultant also told me that probiotics were a load of rubbish and that I should also eat anything and everything I want and told me the Low Fodmap diet wasn't evidence based. However, during the height of my illness and in the early days since then, if I returned to eating my pre-virus diet of loads of veg. the pain - and in those days, the diarrhoea - got much worse.

So I've investigated the Low Fodmap diet myself and am self-treating really. I do all the relaxation stuff too but there hasn't been anything to connect how I feel with how bad the pain is. As I want to feel I have at least some control over the pain, then I try the Low Fodmap diet but then constipation ensues - possibly as my body had over 30 years of a high fibre/wholefood vegetarian diet and anything less than this shuts it all down.

Do you know what the best food is in the Low Fodmap diet for combating constipation but without inducing pain?

LionsDontWeaveLentils Mon 12-Oct-15 08:05:07

I've only done 2 months but it has made a huge difference for me, thank goodness. Though I've been a bit up and down the last week. It sounds like you're having a much harder time.

I eat a lot of nuts and seeds, potato with skin on, and buy gluten free bread with as much fibre in as I can find. I find dried fruit problematic but if there is any you can manage it does ease things some what.

Have you got the Monash university app? I find it really great and worth every penny. It gives a really clear guide on what you can and can't eat.

Not sure how helpful that is but I'm happy to have a moan about the rubbishness of having a crap digestive system if you need one smile

LionsDontWeaveLentils Mon 12-Oct-15 08:06:44

Oh, one more thing. I have completely given up banana as that just blocked me right up. Grim.

Kazzawazzawo0 Wed 14-Oct-15 22:46:23

I suffer with IBS-C and the only thing that helps is taking a capsule of Psyllium husk morning and night with LOTS of water, a big glass each time at least. It really has made a difference. I too have to be careful with fibre and veg, but this helps and doesn't affect my stomach. I buy it online from Amazon on a subscription to get it a little cheaper, I think it's about £6.99 for a month's supply.

PM me if you're stuck and I'll try to help.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Thu 15-Oct-15 00:00:54 have described EXACTLY the pain I have too.. the burning pain on the left etc etc

I have had it for years but it has worsened (as has the inability to poo.. on meds and suppositories permanently) I found a 'healthy' high fibre diet make everything much worse and basically the only time I'm pain free is if I have eaten very little and virtually no fruit or veg.

I gave up cereals and pasta ages ago.. very very little bread as they make it worse. I'm waiting to see a dietitian...and if they tell me to eat more roughage i shall batter them with box of shredded wheat grin

I find a hot water bottle is the most comforting pain relief as pills just don't touch it. I have FODMAP-ed on and off for a few years but it still doesn't solve the problem!

Minime85 Thu 15-Oct-15 06:33:03

Hi spin star sounds like you are having a tough time. I've been diagnosed ibs for about 12 years. I don't eat gluten at all and avoid citrus anything fizzy, cold ie ice cream or yogurt straight from fridge and have avoided alcohol for years. I found I was much better doing this and eliminated over time based on my symptoms when I ate those foods. I find too peppers etc upset me. I eat the things I can eat in small doses. If I eat too much of anyone thing it ses to send me backwards.

I would suggest a god probiotic not any of these dairy drink ones. I had symprove for over a year when I was having a bad flare up and it dramatically improved my symptoms. I also have acupuncture as well which some people will poo poo but it works for me.

It really is a trail and error thing I think but I'd def keep a food diary and look at symptoms. I went to a dietician who said eat more bran etc so I never went back as they wouldn't listen to what I said re what happens if I do that angry buscopan is good for pains you describe and again doesn't need to be long term

Kazzawazzawo0 Thu 15-Oct-15 07:22:18

The problem with Buscopan is it can cause constipation shock

Annecyinyourpantsy Tue 03-Nov-15 08:49:45

I would reccomend the Monash app. I'm new to fodmap but been gluten free for over a year and that's helped loads. The Monash app actually tells you about portion size; for example low fodmap oats if consumed over the reccomended amount can be a trigger.

gingeroots Tue 03-Nov-15 11:07:44

Hi - my friend ( twisted gut ,ongoing digestive issues ) recently recommended Lepicol by his consultant .

Apparently the pysllium husk retains water so this helps slow down diarroeah by making it more solid and softens hard stools with constipation .so good for evening out both symptoms .Also allows time for the gut to absorb the probiotics .

worth a try ?

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