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Getting thrush once/twice a month

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docpeppa Thu 08-Oct-15 22:40:48

The title really, this has been going on throughout my last pregnancy, but has been really bad since having DD2 in April.

I have been given pessaries, creams, fluconazole, but it clears and then comes back.

I started taking Acidophilus capsules and Pau D'Arco capsules three weeks ago, I heard this could help.

It is really effecting my sex life, I just worry that I'll get thrush whenever I have sex. my partner has to take fluconazole every time I get it too.

I made the mistake of getting a bath instead of a shower, which I think is what set this round of thrush off. I didn't use anything in it, just water.

I actually had an allergic reaction to fluconazole, despite taking it many times in the past year. So that's no longer a treatment option for me.

Has anyone else suffered with chronic thrush? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, it's making me miserable.

marriednotdead Thu 08-Oct-15 22:54:14

I've posted about this before.
Simplest but most effective solution is often to starve the candida out of your system by depriving it of what it thrives on.
This means a hardcore diet change for a couple of months. No yeast and no sugar. No fruit and not even sweeter veg like sweet corn and carrots, plus strict label reading as things like gravy granules often contain yeast.

NewBallsPlease00 Thu 08-Oct-15 22:59:54

This pregnancy I'm the same
Skinny jeans, thrush
Too much sugar, thrush
Sex, thrush
Grooming, thrush
Bath, thrush
Swimming thrush
FFs it's tedious

NewBallsPlease00 Thu 08-Oct-15 23:02:15

Fwiw after birth last time I had an infection and was prescribed mega antibiotics which also nuked the thrush, as someone else said sugar control has meant very little in between pregnancies

Hero1callylost Thu 08-Oct-15 23:26:23

I've had on/off thrush from Jan-Aug, so have been starting to take note of when it strikes. I think diet seems to be key too. Homemade pizza was one nasty culprit (yeast obv), and any excess of sugar. Has settled down recently so avoiding those types of food might be working. Haven't gone nearly as extreme as suggested above, but it's definitely worth a try to cut down on sugar.

I'm convinced stress is a factor too, though no evidence.

Tink06 Thu 08-Oct-15 23:43:15

Am sure someone once told me probiotics hep - promoting the good bacteria. I used to have this problem - think mine was hormonal as always the week before my period. It stopped when i changed my birth control.

docpeppa Fri 09-Oct-15 04:53:54

Yes I think changing my diet is the next step, I'm willing to try anything now!

I have started with the probiotics, so hopefully if I continue with this they should help. How long does it take to build them up in your system?

I'm also going to try aloe vera as I've heard that is a cure all.

I think stress could have a factor, which I've had an awful lot of since DD2 was born (another thread in itself) I broke out in ulcers all over mouth and I don't suffer with them normally.

Maybe a bit of a lifestyle overhaul is in order!

Hero1callylost Fri 09-Oct-15 21:57:39

Ulcers are a stress induced thing in my family too. Sounds like you need to take it easy! Good luck flowers

SunnysideDownunder Sat 10-Oct-15 12:49:12

I feel your pain. I've been battling thrush on and off since my twins were born 3 years ago. I'm sure that stress is a trigger for me and yeast in food.

This last bout started 2 months ago and the tablet only worked for 4 days. The same with the creams.

I did some googling and this week I have embarked on some more natural remedies that are making a difference. I'm not cured yet, but it has made a huge difference. I've even been contemplating sex the last few days.

Every night before I go to bed I sit in an old baby bath filled with warm water (you don't need much, maybe 5cm) and about 1/4 cup of bicarb soda with 5 drops of lavender oil. The bicarb is supposed to make you more alkaline and therefore make it harder for the thrush to survive. I sit there for 20-30 minutes. Then I go to bed without underwear.

I also found a douche recipe here I've only done this twice, but I like the idea of introducing the good bacteria.

I hope you can find a solution soon.

EnlightenedOwl Sat 10-Oct-15 13:26:28

see my other fred! I've been plagued with thrush since August. Dr's app on Monday as little is working atm.

However! Yesterday it dawned on me it had been calmer over the last couple of days and it also dawned on me that I had had a low sugar intake over the week. Last night being stressed I ate quite a bit of a chocolate and shortly afterward I was itching away again. This morning it seems calm and I've used nothing - no creams or anything.
Still going to docs as I've measured high for glucose on past bloods and want to make sure all ok but think I've made a breakthrough here.

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:34:22

Hiya, I've had this 6 years. Since I was 19, so has affected loads of things eg wedding day, honeymoon etc! Have no sex life so it's amazing DS was conceived.

Seen loads of consultants etc and it has led to vulvodynia so been on ADs and all sorts of things to re-train my nerves. So get on top of it now! smile

Last night I made a plan for rehabing myself as I've stopped BFing DS now. I have an A4 page of things to do each day!

I've taken Kolorex in the past - Horopito extract, and it was the oooooonly thing that made a difference. Couldn't take it in pg and I went to buy some the other day and it's like £40 a bottle!!

I've got Caprylic acid, 20 billion acidophilus, oregano and kolorex, and oral fluconazole for the next few weeks. And a very strict diet. And shitloads of pelvic floor things to do from my physio after having DS but that's another story.

For me it's to do with my cycle, always the week before my period, although I have had thrush still over the last year while pg/BFing so no periods. So I'm going back to the GP to get my hormones checked out.

Also really recommend Yes Yes Yes water-based lubricant in applicators to keep ph levels etc hunky dory.

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:39:33

Sorry, just thinking of other treatments I've had (had them all over the 6 years as you can imagine!)

See if your GP will prescribe log-term course of fluconazole. IIRC I had 1 tablet every 3 days for a couple of weeks, then one a week for 6 months. Didn't kick the problem for me but worth a try!

Get checked for other infections too, obviously. I had all checks, even HIV. Turns out I have an overgrowth of Staphyloccous Aureus, which is naturally occurring, but mine was like +++++ and mucks things up even more. God I am a mess down there!

I find da eaten gel pessaries way more effective than any other.

I guess you're already using aqueous cream down there. Sorry, just listing everything even the obvious.

I'm so ruined from 6 years of irritation that we now can't have sex and I'm having to use vaginal dilators to get back to it sad

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:40:25

Da eaten = canesten

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:41:44

Yeo Valley natural live yog! To eat, although some people apply it too.

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:43:10

diet wise, as of Monday I'm doing a detox then a fast, just fruit and veg for 4 days, then gradually reintroducing whole grains, meat and dairy over the course of 6 weeks. And never reintroducing refined carbs, ha grin

hairbrushbedhair Sat 10-Oct-15 13:43:14

Not pregnant and I use kefir and spillanthes and its gone fast when I get it but not sure if spillanthes is ok in pregnancy though it literally eats the yeast away

I can't imagine applying kefir to the affected area could do any harm - its significant more probiotic than live yoghurt (bit messy though)

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 13:45:08

Oh sorry you can't have fluconazole sad boo. But lots of other ideas ^

Branleuse Sat 10-Oct-15 13:48:15

I had this a few years ago and it was hideous. It turns out I just wasnt getting rid of it completely each time, so my doctor prescribed me 4 of the pessary/internal cream syringes, and I had to use one a week for a month even if i didnt have the symptoms. After that it cleared up and I have only had it once since

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Oct-15 14:04:12

Also once I've done my detox above, I am going to throw all my pants out and start again, to be on the safe side grin

I've had so many docs tell me thrush is completely normal and loads of women have it every month and I should just get used to it sad but surely there's a cause for it and something I can do about it.

Dobeedo Sat 10-Oct-15 15:23:27

Joining the club here. I was diagnosed with high growth of thrush after a swab test after I suspected bv.

Got prescribed the gel pessary and cream but the cream doesn't seem to work so well so I've stopped. I've been experimenting with coconut oil and tea tree oil to relieve the external symptoms, and I can honestly say that it does take the edge off the itching. It's been two days since I've started using this method and I'll continue for scared to see whether it improves further.

Hope you find something that works fir you.

Stradbroke Sat 10-Oct-15 15:33:52

Me too. It is miserable. I even had my coil out and it seemed to clear up for a while. Red wine makes mine bad so I'm off that for now.
It feels like anything can set it off though and I also get what feel like paper cuts on my vulva too. It is misery making.

Tarzanlovesgaby Sat 10-Oct-15 15:35:15

is your partner washing his willy properly?
are pants washed hot (warmer than 40)?

Micah Sat 10-Oct-15 15:42:00

I used to get thrush.

I get it when I'm low in iron. If I sort my iron levels, the thrush stays away.

Take a good multi vit. Not going to do any harm so worth a try!

Pessaries work better than oral tabs ime anyway.

QuietIsland2 Sat 10-Oct-15 15:44:15

I get chronic thrush. When I get a bout my skin gets so irritated that the thrush comes back immediately after being cured.

My doctor thinks it's connected to heat - I can't take baths, only showers and can't use anything other than water in the 'area'. No skinny jeans or tights either. Sometimes get a bout when central heating starts in winter. I can take fluconazole but can't use thrush creams as makes my skin irritated. Usually need to take two a week apart. I know fluconazole doesn't work for you but maybe it is brought on by heat.

BrokenBananaTantrum Sat 10-Oct-15 15:45:36

I had this exaxct problem. It turned out that I have Type 2 Diabetes and this was causing the thrush. I don't want to be alarmist but it might be worth getting your GP to test you??

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