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Is this an umbilical hernia?

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So I was squashing my tummy while watching Bake Off and realised that the squelching noise my belly button makes these days may not be entirely normal. Dd (my second dc) is nearly 11 months old and everything else has gone back to normal, including stomach muscles I think. It's just that my tummy button is still a bit bulgy and squelches when I push it.
Should I get it checked, or is this just a wonderous side effect of having 2 kids?
Ta in advance x

WhataRacquet Wed 07-Oct-15 22:56:26

Does the lump go back in when you lie down?

Francescal88 Wed 07-Oct-15 22:57:21

I have one, and didn't even know till I had to have my appendix out last year and I saw it on my post-op notes! I think mine developed whilst I was pregnant, as I remember whenever I coughed or laughed my belly button would pop out about an inch!

Now I can feel it if I tense my stomach muscles - sort of squelchy like you describe.

I don't really give it much thought but know that getting an umbilical hernia fixed is relatively easy - just day surgery. So I probably will get around to it at some point, but its not causing me any problems yet.

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