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fontanelles - some advice/experience please

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clary Thu 13-May-04 11:02:42

This may seem an odd question but can anyone remember at what age their babies' fontanelles (soft spot on head) closed up? Or has your baby still got one and how old is he/she? I'm asking because DS2 had a large fontanelle and at 13 mo it's still clearly open. It's not a big concern but he is a maniac toddler and I worry now and then that he will head-butt a sharp object or something. DD I recall had a very small one and it was gone within a few weeks. I know I could go to the doc's but I thought i'd canvas a bit of MN opinion first to see if i'm being silly to be concerned.

mears Thu 13-May-04 11:39:38

6 weeks for one at back of head (posterior fontanelle

18 months for one on top of head (anterior fontanelle)

He is normal Clary

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