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Nodular Prurigo - any suggestions welcome!

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Chocol8 Wed 12-May-04 22:03:20

The last time I visited the Dermatologist I was told I had this, however at my last appointment yesterday she told me quite matter of factly that it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life and that it is a "chronic disease".

I was absolutely devastated that I had not been given this information before and seeing as the main catalyst for this condition is stress, surely this can only have a detrimental effect?

I have tried various potions and more recently, a very strong antibiotic cream which worked well to start with but the only other things she can offer is bandaging my legs for 6 weeks to stop infection from scratching (no can do if I can't have a shower!) and narrowband UVA. This would have to be done 3 times a week at the hospital and could potentially lead to skin cancer. Erm, no thanks. Even then, she said that all of these things can have a short term effect, and reoccur for the rest of your life.

I am currently moisturising with aqueous cream, night and day as this helps slightly with the itching, but my legs have become ulcerated in places and I am in pain. I am only young and becoming upset with this whole thing, so any suggestions would be greatly received. Thank you.

toddlerbob Thu 13-May-04 04:08:45

Poor you, it sounds horrible. Can you use something like pinetarsol to help with the itching? Is it something that wet wrapping would help? I'm really sorry because I don't know anything about your condition but hopefully I'll at least bump you up so someone who has better suggestions might see it.

Chocol8 Thu 13-May-04 08:44:12

Thanks Toddlerbob! How kind. I have never heard of Pinetarsol, but will look into it.

toddlerbob Thu 13-May-04 20:35:15

Your doctor should be able to prescribe it for you. We can only get the cheap gallon jug here in NZ but they do some nicer looking bath/shower oil and soap substitute etc.

I would also consider a change of moisturiser. Some people find aqueous cream drying which leads to more itching. My ds uses Cetamagrogol cream with 10% glycerine and 1% Lpc (coal tar). The coal tar is great for the itch and it feels lovely and creamy. My hands look 10 years younger just from putting it on him twice a day. Again get your doctor to prescribe and find a proper chemist that can mix ingredients and not just pull a tube off a shelf.

I hope some of this helps.

Chocol8 Fri 14-May-04 14:43:29

Hi Toddlerbob, I have just popped down to Boots and spoken to the pharmacist about Cetamagrogol cream with the mix of coal tar etc as you suggested.

The base cream - Cetamogrogol is the "base" cream and is relatively inexpensive, but apparently they have to send it to a 3rd party who make up either the "A" or "B" cream and this would cost me over £100!!!!

I will go to the docs and ask him to prescribe it, but meanwhile I bought some Cuticura moisture + as I agree that the Aqueous cream is becoming drying to my skin.

Many thanks for your help Toddlebob - and long may your hands continue to look youthful!! x

NodularGirl Thu 22-Oct-15 18:18:21

Hi Chocol8. I know it is some time since you originally posted, but i came across your post whilst searching online. So sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with nodular prurigo. Horrible condition which I know about all too well! Should you be in need of support or just to communicate with others who completely understand, come and join us on our closed Facebook group, Nodular Prurigo International. Just search for it on Facebook under that name. Hope that things are not too bad for you at the moment.

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