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Coccyx injury, 7 months on and still in pain!

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cojmum Thu 01-Oct-15 20:10:14

Hi ladies,
Just not really sure if the pain I am experiencing is normal or not. On 5th March I slipped on the stairs and landed flat on my bum a few steps down. It didn't really hurt at the time but the next day I couldn't move. I went to the dr's and they gave me ibuprofen and said it may take a while to heal.
In July I went to the dr's with another matter and briefly mentioned that I was still in pain and asked if it was normal, again they said its perfectly normal.
I have been coping with the pain with ibuprofen and trying not to sit down too much. After a couple of minutes I have to stand. Now we are in October and I am in lots of pain today and I am starting to wonder if it is time to go back to the dr's but don't know if the time frame is normal for a coccyx injury?
Any info appreciated.

AJH12 Fri 02-Oct-15 08:25:59

Most doctors have no idea about coccyx injuries - I would really recommend finding a good chiropractor near you - lots of recommendations on

KeepPloddingOn Fri 02-Oct-15 08:37:01

Mine was a good 12m of having to adjust the things I do - mainly avoiding long car journeys where you are forced to sit.

It should definitely be better than it was the first few days and weeks. I only took painkillers for a couple of weeks. But imo will still be very uncomfortable to sit for long periods.

Oh and mine still flares up intermittently too. I first did exactly as you describe when I was at uni , 15yrs and go, although I did repeat the painful experience about 4yrs ago. It was worse the second time.

cojmum Fri 02-Oct-15 09:19:59

It doesn't feel too bad today but I could barely move yesterday. I've just started a new degree and I can't concentrate because I can't sit down for very long. It is driving me insane.

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