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Ds diagnosed with scabies

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kissmelittleass Tue 29-Sep-15 21:36:58

He saw the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with scabies the doctor prescribed 2 tubes of cream and told him to apply this from the neck down after showering last night and to leave on over night washing off this morning which he did. There was no mention of coming back or treating anyone else in the family so farno ne has any symptoms apart from my intense burning itch since he told me..all in my mind maybe. He says he is still very itchy but as far as I can gather from him this once off treatment killed the infection? I washed his bed clothes, towels etc on a long high wash and have given him his own hand towel to use. This mean infection is cured after using the cream as doctor didn't want to see him again, he also has a swollen neck gland which was very big but has now reduce in size which doctor wasn't concerned about unless its still there in 6 weeks. Would the infection of caused the gland to swell? Any experiences of this would be very welcome.

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