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Are there any Midwives on here?

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sprite25 Sat 26-Sep-15 22:54:32

I know I should be asking someone in RL but just need to ask, I'm due to go on holiday early Monday morning but I get travel sick so got some Stugeron 15 (cinnarizine) a while ago. I since found out I'm pregnant and when I spoke to my midwife she said so and so (can't remember the name) is usually uses for travel sickness and will be fine. It's only tonight when I looked at the box that I realised she said a different one to the one I have and everything I've read on cinnarizine says not to take it in pregnancy

Doggyday123 Sat 26-Sep-15 23:32:13

Hi im a midwife.
Sorry not much help as im not familiar with this drug without looking it up in the BNF which lists drugs and their side effects.
Dont get too stressed. See your gp. Often we dont know full affects of drugs thats why it will say do not take. Or maybe uts given on prescription only.
Just realised you go on Monday. Perhaps could see out of hours GP?

Aquamarine70 Sun 27-Sep-15 05:34:37

If you check with any pharamist they will be able to advise you what you can take.

whiteagle Sun 27-Sep-15 06:29:23

Personally i wouldn't risk it and I would take the risk of feeling/being sick- but definately talk to a pharmisist today. Tbh it is most likely going to be a pretty regular feeling anyway for the next few months! I threw up every day for weeks. Big congrats on your pregnancy.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 27-Sep-15 16:39:09

No, you shouldn't take it.

You can take piriton which I believe can help travel sickness a bit.

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