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Rectocele repair and perineal refashioning on the waiting list .

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Throughthestorm Thu 24-Sep-15 21:56:05

It feels so wrong yet I'm sooo flipping looking forward to this .
Had a 4th degree tear 23 years ago followed by a repair and had my perineum rebuilt when i was about 26 .
2 children later it's worse than ever .
I'm 45 and have put up with the pain discomfort and embarrassment for years .
Finally went to see someone and I'm on the list for surgery !
Also after 27 years married I have been separated for about 2 years and have now got a new partner .
I never ever thought id DTD in my state ( ex h made me feel like a freak ) but he has been totally lovely and given me my confidence back .
It sounds wrong but I am so looking forward to feeling normal down there ( it's really bad Ive left it too long ) .
I've a great surgeon but would love to hear some positive stories .
Times have changed .
First time around I was in hospital 7 days !!!
I'm a single parent with no family support what so ever but some great friends .
2 dependant dc are half an hour drive away at school .
Ex will be no help what so ever he is 95% absent.
Any tips on recovery and what it was like resuming SI afterwards would be much aporeciated . X

amarmai Sat 26-Sep-15 19:46:34

best wishes for a good recovery, op. Call on your friends as they will make it all go better.

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