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Sick to death of horrible neck and shoulder pain.

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Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Sep-15 17:17:24

Gp says it's nothing serious, and has referred me for physio. I've never ever had any physio that has actually done anything for me.

It hurts to bend my head back, it hurts to turn it to the side,it even hurts at the front. Tramadol is the only thing that touches it. I get horrible headaches from it all the time, and the pain which is much worse at night wakes me uP.

Am I being fobbed off here by GP? I was seeing a physio about other back pain, and she just told me some people ached more than others hmm

BetaTest Thu 24-Sep-15 17:26:39

I think you need a scan on your entire vertebrae neck and back and a referral to an osteopath. This is not a bit of an ache but a serious muscle skeletal problem that needs thorough investigation.

A physio therapist will not be able to treat a condition that has a chronic underlying medical cause.

You need o go back to GP and push for a full scan and referral to a specialist.

Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Sep-15 17:32:48

My back is wrecked. I'm waiting for a breast reduction on the NHS to reduce the upper back pain. Would that be a cause of the neck pain?

eatyourveg Thu 24-Sep-15 17:51:20

Osteopath definitely - I was exactly the same and whilst my osteo says big boobs can have an effect they are not the whole story.

I now go every month and the headaches have reduced markedly - not disappeared but drastically reduced and I have more movement in my neck.

FurryDogMother Thu 24-Sep-15 17:57:18

Sounds very similar to me, including the pain being worse at night - doc sent me for an X-ray and gave me Tramadol in the meantime, which is brilliant, though I ran out a couple of weeks ago. X-ray results say I have 'shoulder impingement syndrome' apparently, so I have to go see a consultant about it. Suggested treatment is a steroid injection into the joint, or possibly an operation. Not keen on either, but don't want to become reliant on pain meds (hence not renewing the Tramadol prescription as yet).

See if you can get a referral for an X-ray and take it from there?

Nonnainglese Thu 24-Sep-15 18:02:13

What sort of pillows do you have?
I've got arthritis in my cervical vertebrae that makes life awful at times and it's definitely helped by using a supportive pillow. I've got a buckwheat one and it's made an enormous difference. I wish I'd bought one years ago - there's a stack of useless pillows in my spare room!

MissTriggs Thu 24-Sep-15 18:55:39

I think you are being fobbed off. I have learnt the hard way!
Unfortunately I have to pay for my osteopath privately although I believe in some parts of the country it is available on the NHS.
As a understand it, The cheapest Scan That your Dr. Can order Is an X ray So perhaps it will be easiest To persuade the Dr. about that first?

Orangeanddemons Thu 24-Sep-15 20:35:08

What's the difference between osteo and physio? I've had both of them previously and have also had chiro in the past. None of them ever seem to have had any effect to be fair.

Madamscorp Fri 25-Sep-15 19:19:16

Only thing that keeps my shoulder and neck pain away.

Orangeanddemons Fri 25-Sep-15 21:41:29

I went to one today. It feels better, but am traumatised that it felt like he was going to pull my head off. That was horrible.

Partybugs Fri 25-Sep-15 22:00:44

Oh OP.. I've been to the Osteo twice and it's still not sorted. Went to the GP and he's referred me and given me a photocopy of 3 basic neck exercises. He felt it and said its muscular. My pain feels like burning. I've had lower back spasms before so I've experienced acute pain and limited movement. My Osteo (twice a year) has helped it, no problems for now.
But my neck just came on 2 months ago. Could barely move it without yelping.. My left side felt worse. It feels like an obstruction.. Doctor didn't feel a thing, apart from rock hard tension and when my husband gave me a neck massage the other day, it felt like a nodule on the left side.
I'm in pain during the night, it wakes me up.
I'm booking a massage ASAP in the hope of improving things.
I asked for a scan (my friend said to).. So, happy to have been referred, but doctor said he'd be amazed if I got a scan.
I sympathise OP.. Despite going for 2 years now to my Osteo for my lower back.. The last 2 sessions over a fortnight have left me feeling terrified to be honest. Those neck cricks were horrendous. I was sobbing like a baby.. He said I had a twisted neck. I won't be returning to him for my neck. He said if it's not fixed, he can't help me.

QOD Fri 25-Sep-15 22:06:12


I was fobbed off with physio. Finally saw a consultant who did a steroid injection and then a different consultant who agreed half heartedly to.operate to clean my should up

I had 3 completely detached tendons. Withered muscles, bursitis and a ganglion. Cyst shoulder blade.
freaking awful surgery but now, 7 months later, I only have occasional burning pain around my shoulder opposed to constant neck and shoulder agony
get referred

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