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Periods getting more frequent in my 40s!?!

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goindowntoyasgursfarm Tue 22-Sep-15 12:19:47

My cycle has always been pretty long - every six weeks rather than every month was usually normal. But for the last year or so my periods have actually been getting closer together, which is equally weird and frustrating! The last six months they've been every month on the dot, or even a couple of days earlier than a month. I'm 42, have definitely finished having DC and assumed they'd be starting to space themselves a bit further out by now! Any ideas?

Crosbybeach Tue 22-Sep-15 12:22:53

Perimenopuase? Have a look at the menopause matters site. Are you taking the pill?

goindowntoyasgursfarm Tue 22-Sep-15 12:46:34

Nope, haven't for years, Crosby. Will check that site out, ta smile.

BarbarianMum Thu 24-Sep-15 13:46:47

Same here (44). Assumed it was perimenapause. Doctor said not to worrry unless became less than 21 days apart, or I got bleeding midway through cycle.

goindowntoyasgursfarm Fri 25-Sep-15 17:58:00

Thanks, Barbarian. I must admit, there was nothing on the menopause matters site that struck a chord, and not this. Will just put down to 'one of those things' I guess ...

bigbuttons Fri 25-Sep-15 18:01:00

I'm 47 and mine have been getting closer together for years. not by much but I'll have a run of 28 days, then 27, the 26, 25 then perhaps 30, back to 27 etc. I'm assuming it's perimenopause. I have no other symptoms (yet).

bigbadbarry Fri 25-Sep-15 18:02:07

Me too. 28 days like clockwork for 20-odd years; all of a sudden it's 23 or 24.

Watto1 Fri 25-Sep-15 18:04:36

The same thing is happening to me. Used to be 30/31 days, now 23/24. Periods have also got stupidly heavy and I'm having spotting between periods too. Had a blood test only this morning to see if I'm perimenopausal. Also been referred for a scan to see if I have fibroids. I'm only 41 sad

Rowgtfc72 Fri 25-Sep-15 19:04:32

Me too. I'm 43 and have always been 28 days. Last three months were 20 days, this month back to 28.
Am on the pill, no spotting inbetween

Whoknewitcouldbeso Fri 25-Sep-15 19:10:10

Yep it's an age thing I'm afraid. When I was trying to conceive in my late thirties I noticed my cycle was getting shorter and shorter and when I researched it it was a sign that my egg reserves were diminishing. Acupuncture brought them back to 28 and amazingly I conceived. If you are done with your family then I would just roll with it and accept it's a sign your fertility is diminishing and perfectly natural.

gobbin Fri 25-Sep-15 21:17:31

Perimemopause is knocking at your door! Mine went haywire for 5 years, both shorter and longer, varying between 13 days and 45. It was very tiresome. However, all done and dusted at 46 and two years later am glad to be free of it all.

SmileAndNod Fri 25-Sep-15 21:23:34

I'm getting this too. Periods getting closer together, spotting in between (well weird coloured stuff) and after sex (sometimes duringblush).
I'm too scared to go to the doctor. I am just putting it down to my age.

SmileAndNod Fri 25-Sep-15 21:24:21

I'm just 43.

Whatevva Fri 25-Sep-15 21:29:38

They often get heavier/closer together before they get further apart. Mine, after coming off the pill at 49, were anything between 10 and 27 days and I got mightily pissed off with it. I have no idea what bleeding between periods might be in that scenario confused. I tried charting and was definitely not ovulating.

Sapele Mon 28-Sep-15 10:54:09

Mine have always been pretty short (between about 23 and 28 days but normally around 25 or so)

I am 42 now and have had my last (third) child and have had periods for the last 9 months or so (still BFing, he's nearly 3)

They vary between 23 and 28, still. I think it's just how my body is. The funny thing is though, the longer the cycle, the worse my PMT seems to get. So if it's a longer cycle I get very tense and cross. Then it magically disappears as soon as it starts.

Trying to work out if there is a variation in the luteal phase or the pre-ov bit.

AlpacaLypse Mon 28-Sep-15 10:58:04

There are some useful threads about this in the Menopause bit of the site, I found all sorts of handy tips and advice there. Mine are definitely closer together, and much heavier too sad (age 50 btw).

The heaviness aspect has been dealt with by Tranexamic Acid though - wonderful stuff!

pinkfrocks Mon 28-Sep-15 17:49:05

Cycles can become shorter or longer in perimenopause. There is no hard and fast rule.
I always had long cycles right up to my late 30s- maybe 32-33 days.
Gradually then became shorter- 30, 28 , 26 and in the end ( in my 50s) 17 on a couple of occasions.
It's because the progesterone phase of the cycle is shorter.

goindowntoyasgursfarm Mon 28-Sep-15 18:23:41

Ah bleurgh <in denial about ageing> Thanks! ... I think ...

They don't seem to be any heavier, at least. Maybe that's going to be one of the joys of next year.

FlowerTheSkunk Wed 30-Sep-15 22:51:51

As I turned 40 I noticed my cycle suddenly changed from a very regular 28 days to more like every 23/24 days. They were also suddenly much lighter and shorter in duration (just 3 days rather than 5-6).

At the same time my PMS suddenly went toxic and lasted for basically half the month. It was awful. The PMS made me so depressed and crippled with anxiety.

LibraryInfo Tue 24-Jan-17 13:47:58

I'm 37, 28 days cycle for 20 years but over the last 9 months they've been much closer, 20 days, 21 days and seem to gush for about 3 days soaking through my underwear. My skin has become dryer and I don't have that 'horny middle of the month feeling', every month now, I don't think I'm ovulating every month, if this is possible? I seem young at 37 to be thinking of the change, some of my friends are having children! I've had my children and not planning any more

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