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Any ideas what might be wrong with DS (20)

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Brioche202 Tue 15-Sep-15 16:27:23

He has lost a lot of weight.He usually loses weight at uni because he forgets to eat but puts it on again at home.But last week summer I though his face looked a bit thin and he weighed him self and he is down to 7st 11 and is 5 ft 6 and has lost loads of muscle .Just been looking at pictures of 'super-skinny' people on the TV problem and he is way thinner than that.He says he has lost his appetite and is really lazy tired.
he has also got very dry skin and his back is covered in pale brown and white spots .they are not as defined as freckles or moles.He also suffers a lot from itching.I insisted he went to the GP just to check up everything was ok and was worried that his 7 minute appointment lasted 40 minutes! he said the doctor is sending him for blood tests but can't remember anything else she said.
Any ideas? I am worried now!

gingeroots Wed 16-Sep-15 09:35:41

Oh dear what a worry .

Blood tests are good to rule stuff out .

Sounds like he might be anemic ,I know when I've been anemic I've lost my appetite so it could be a vicious cycle ..

Hope he gets the results soon .

Pipnposy Wed 16-Sep-15 09:59:32

Perhaps Google Addison's disease to see if he has any more symptoms of that? Hope he's feeling better soon.

flanjabelle Wed 16-Sep-15 10:02:12

Have you considered the possibility of an eating disorder? It's not always about wanting to be skinny. My dbro had annorexia and it was all to do with control and a fear of foods.

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