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Living with piles

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bacon Tue 15-Sep-15 14:45:36

Ive had minor issues for 20yrs plus - more started as fissures, Now minor piles and occasional very painful fissures that takes weeks to heal. I am currently inserting Anasol on a daily basis due to the endless itching. Is it worth approaching GP to see if there are any minor surgery/treatments. My diet and habits are good it seems to make very little difference to what I eat. How to piles shrink or dont they? Is there any sort of freezing or lazer treatment? Assuming mine are prob classed as minor. Many feedbacK?

VulcanWoman Tue 15-Sep-15 15:05:20

Definitely go to GP. Are you having a high fibre diet with lots of water, bread/white flour isn't good either.

bookbook Tue 15-Sep-15 21:34:25

My DH has suffered for years on and off. When they are bad he uses Proctofoam ( on prescription) which really works.

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