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Mumma1984 Mon 30-Dec-19 07:24:46

Ps they have me morphine on a drip ... worked great for the pain, I'm sure it's all a bit more hi tec now days than 24 years ago! I was a week in hospital so already seems they 2-3 is much better! It's really fab it's been caught early, the distress of mine being undiagnosed gave me awful health anxiety - I'm sure your LO will be back swimming and being active in no time x

Mumma1984 Mon 30-Dec-19 07:21:21

I had this surgery when I was 11, misdiagnosed continuously until that point as I was born with it. It took me a few weeks to recover - it might be slightly easier with a younger child I found it hard - mentally as well. I had to have a wheelchair and the nurses forced me to sit up which as they went through my back not stomach it was very painful - my second cousin had it done as a baby and seemed to run pretty smoothly and now is nearly 10 and had no issues since - I haven't had any problems since mine except maybe slightly more susceptible to UTI's and had to be on watch during pregnancy - long way off but it can be hereditary so we made sure my sons kidneys were checked, last thing I wanted was for him to have the agony I had as a kid with GP's just sending me away sad

bakingdemon Sun 29-Dec-19 12:49:29

Hi there, I found your old post as I am looking for advice ahead of my 1yo's pyeloplasty. We have been told to pack for 2-3 nights in hospital but nothing about the recovery and I have so many questions. How much pain will he be in? How will his movement be affected (my LO is extremely active and busy)? Will he be able to sleep? What drugs will he be given afterwards? How long until we can do things like go swimming again? Any advice would be very gratefully received!

stumpydog Wed 29-Nov-06 10:47:08

my 3 month old son needs a pyeloplasty - he has severe hydronephrosis. does anyone know much about this ? he has been on low dose antibiotics since birth, but is otherwise strong, healthy and sleeps through the night!

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