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Brain Injury TBI / ABI effects - anyone affecte by this?

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mysteryoflife Tue 08-Sep-15 23:09:19

Hi all.

I was just wondering if any Mumsnetters have had experiences with TBI / ABI and the after affects?

I went through my ex partner expereriencing a severe blow to the head. He was relatively fine for a few months then he onset with depression / anxiety and personality changes / memory issues and it's been a long hard road through it all.

Would love to hear from / talk to any other users who have experience of this - personally or otherwise.

ParsingFancy Tue 08-Sep-15 23:20:52

Hi mystery, sorry to hear about your XP.

There was a thread quite a while back when James Cracknell came for a webchat, which you might find interesting: Brain injury.

And here's the webchat itself, in case that's any use: Webchat with James Cracknell and Beverley Turner about life after brain injury

mysteryoflife Tue 08-Sep-15 23:32:48

Thanks so much Parsing, I will give that a good read.

The people on Mumsnet have given me some great support and helped him get disagnosed but I was also wondering if anyone out there had shared some of my experiences.

It's such a difficult and lonely and confusing experience. i can see from the thread there is more than one of us.

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