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How to complain

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Lagoonablue Wed 02-Sep-15 19:57:30

I need to complain about the hospital cancelling my consultant appointments at short notice and don't know where to begin.

Short version is that I was diagnosed with a condition last year and was seeing 2 consultants separately, one a specialist and one a bit more general.

Between them I have had 5 appointments cancelled. I get to within a week of an apt then a hospital letter arrives rescheduling around 2 months later! It is getting ridiculous. I really need a follow up with the specialist, have test results I need to discuss and need a dietician referral.

The letter only has the booking sysyem number on. I have no number for the consultant and sent an e mail to his PA but had no response. I know there is PALS at my hospital but wonder if they can help in this situation.

I know I am not urgently ill but need some advice and information on my condition. Am so fed up. It's ridiculous.

Any ideas anyone?

FadedRed Wed 02-Sep-15 20:02:06

Start with PALS, they will tell you what to do and explain the system, assist you with escalating your concerns.
Your GP practice could also advise and if appropriate liaise with the consultants.

TeamBacon Wed 02-Sep-15 20:04:54

I'd email the PA again, or try and get a direct number. You can usually find them online, but it can take a while sometimes.

Completely rubbish though, hope you manage to get it sorted

boysarethebest Thu 03-Sep-15 09:32:25

I work in complaints in a hospital.PALS would be a good starting point but if they can't resolve it for you then say you want to make a formal complaint. Once you have said this the issues will be entered into the formal complaints procedure abd investigated. TBH PALS might be more helpful initially as they might be able to do something practical rather than just investigate and apologise. Formal
Complaints investigations often tend to bring improvements but generally only for others on terms of improvements going forward.

Lagoonablue Thu 03-Sep-15 13:45:47

Thanks all.

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