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Removing seborrheic keratosis with apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide

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irie Wed 02-Sep-15 15:36:35

Has anyone tried this? How did you do it/how long did it take? Thanks in advance

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 02-Sep-15 15:46:53


The NHS removed the last one, but I've got another one growing and I know I will be on my own this time!

AGnu Wed 02-Sep-15 15:51:46

I've got several on my scalp. I'm a bit scared of ruining my hair if I start holding neat ACV on it. I do frequently do a vinegar rinse after washing my hair but I'm not convinced it's had any effect.

irie Wed 02-Sep-15 16:40:16

Please my GP said I'd have to go private, I don't mind doing that but not a clue where to go, so I'm trying acv. I will let you know how it goes! Agnu I can't see that it would cause problems with your hair - a long hair care forum I used to frequent extolled the virtues of ACV

irie Thu 03-Sep-15 00:33:39


goddessofsmallthings Thu 03-Sep-15 01:30:28

You can google private dematology clinics near you or ask your GP or midwife for recommendations - personally, I'd go with a nurse's recommendation every time smile but I have every confidence that you can rid yourself of your unsightly senile wart at home.

Removing a seborrheic keratosis from the scalp can be more problematical and, more particularly, if it's on the back of the head as it can be difficult to see what you're doing if you don't have a friend/relative to do it for you.

In any event, part the hair around the growth and apply a layer of petroleum jelly to a narrow area immediately around it before using a cotton bud to dab hydrogen peroxide directly onto the growth twice a day. Results should be seen after 3 days or so.

irie Thu 03-Sep-15 04:49:55

Thanks goddess I'm trying it, it's gone all white so far

AGnu Thu 03-Sep-15 18:11:44

Thanks goddess I might give it a go! Or, more accurately, I might pester DH until he agrees to do it for me because I can't see any of them. I'll give it a go with ACV first, see if that does anything before waving bleach around near my mousy-brown hair! I don't trust DH not to drip it everywhere!

irie Thu 03-Sep-15 19:21:36

It's all white and a bit sore... Fingers crossed this works!

irie Fri 04-Sep-15 14:52:37

Omg 2 days in and it has fallen off when I was drying off after a shower! Amazing!

Lucked Fri 04-Sep-15 14:58:08

My gp has just frozen them off in the past, I can't believe they aren't offering this now. I have loads but most are tiny and barely visible but the GP has eagle eyes and I come out lookin like someone has been putting cigarettes out on my chest. I have one growing at the edge of my nipple that I am nervous about getting frozen off.

Op did you use HP or ACV.

VincentVonGogh Fri 04-Sep-15 15:02:37

My DH decided to get rid of his a few days before our wedding by selotaping a cotton ball soaked in ACV to the one on his nose....For hours. Needless to say it burnt his skin and his nose looks ridiculous on our wedding pics.

It did work though and dropped off but do it more gradually and not just before you have an important event to attend!

irie Fri 04-Sep-15 15:28:27

I just taped a cotton ball soaked in ACV onto the SK and left it over night, let it air out a bit and then did it again all day yesterday and last night. Today it just kind of rubbed off after my shower... It's a bit red but I think it will heal fine. Can't believe it

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